Artists News Series or baby? Seda Bakan has made her choice, Leyla’s sister is coming!

Series or baby? Seda Bakan has made her choice, Leyla’s sister is coming!


Many viewers remember Seda Bakan, who was born in Istanbul in 1985, with the character of Eda in the TV series Behzat Ç. However, her acting adventure started with the TV series Sana Mecburum in 2007. Behzat Ç was the one that brought the actress to the fore, who also appeared with the character of Başak in the Adanalı series.

After a long hiatus, the actress returned to the sets with the character of Ferda in the Mucize Doktor (Miracle Doctor) series after the productions of Kardeş Payı, Bana Sevmeyi Anlat, and could not take part in the projects because she was interested in the care of her 2.5-year-old daughter Leyla. The actress, who has a role in the Netflix series Another Self, is now pregnant with her second child.

Will she continue her career by taking part in the sets, or will she give birth to a second child? Seda Bakan, who remained in this dilemma, said that she had to make a decision and that they preferred the second child.

The actress said, “I wanted another baby. I was either going to start working or it was necessary to get this out of the way quickly. It was planned. I wanted so much another child. She is now 4 months old,” she said.

Explaining that there are 4 girls in the family, but they could not find a boy, Seda Bakan said that Leyla would have a sister. The actress, whose motherhood experience has increased a lot with Leyla, also stated that she can take care of her second baby more easily.

Seda Bakan, who is married to musician Ali Erel, stated that she is very happy to be a mother for the second time. Expressing that she took a break from work in this process, the actress will not accept project offers.

Seda Bakan, who wants to expand her family and decides to focus on her career in the next period, now aims to spend her pregnancy period well and give birth to her daughter in good health.

Saying, “I will work from now on,” Seda Bakan clearly expressed that she wants to focus on her career after the birth of her daughter.