Who is Nergis Öztürk? Height - Age - Series - Family
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28 January 2023 16:52


Who is Nergis Öztürk? Height – Age – Series – Family

Nergis Öztürk was born on May 25, 1980 in Kocaeli Kandira. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actress.

Name: Nergis Öztürk
Date of Birth: May 25, 1980
Place of Birth: Kocaeli / Kandıra
Height: 1.72 m.
Weight: 52 kg
Horoscope: Gemini
Eye Color: Green
Mother: Fatma Öztürk
Siblings: Serhat Öztürk
Spouse: Cemal Toktaş
Child: Yaman Toktaş
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nergisoz/

Family: Born in Kandıra district of Kocaeli, originally from Ordu. Her mother is a teacher, her father is an electrical technician, she has an older brother. She is married to Cemal Toktaş, who is an actor. The couple has a boy named Yaman.

Her childhood years: During her high school years, she had a time when she thought she would do theater. When she was little, she pretended to be Emel Sayın for her father. “I was in Bursa when I was 15 years old. We would come and go to Evrensel Kültür a lot. I first watched Cem Yılmaz there, very cheaply. He was just writing in Leman at that time. Back then, I used to pretend to be Emel Sayın to my father. A friend of mine at Bursa Girls’ High School attended the theater course of Ahmet Vefik Pasha State Conservatory, he said ‘you come too’, I entered and loved it very much. I’ve had two and a half years tore myself because I won’t do anything but theater, I will die and become an actor. However, when he was in too much later, he constricted me, I walked away. I was not thinking of being anything anymore. We left Bursa and moved to Istanbul. At the insistence of my friend, I took the exams of the Language and History Theater and so it continued.

Educational life: She graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Language and History-Geography Department of Theater. Later, she completed her master’s degree in Bahçeşehir University Advanced Acting Department.

First step into acting: She started her television adventure in 2005 with the series Körfez Ateşi (Gulf Fire).

With which project did she shine? She drew attention with the character “Nisa Yazıcı”, which she portrayed in the “Böyle Bitmesin” series.

Personality traits: Cheerful, warm, idealistic, hardworking, natural.

A source of happiness: Taşra Cabaret, a kind of cultural center that he and her husband put into practice in 2015, is one of the greatest sources of happiness. “We established a production center called” Taşra Kabare “that will produce work in the fields of theater, cinema and TV. “Provincial Cabaret” is a production center that includes a theater, maybe we will make movies, and also includes musical projects. These were my dreams, and Cemal’s dreams. “Taşra Kabare” is not the result of “We got married, and also my theater rule”. We combined our dreams. We adopt the motto “No public landings, people appear before the people.” We are both graduates of the acting department. There were stories we wanted to tell, and our dream was to shoot or play these stories. We started our projects with the theater, which was our first eye pain. Name, Cleaning Works. We started with a theater play, but we will also have projects such as cinema, TV series and musicals. ”

First motion picture: Why was Ezel Akay / Hacivat Karagöz Neden Öldürüldü?

Her view of business life: She is seen as one of the best actresses of her generation. She thinks that she has always worked with people she loves and wants to work with in movies and theater plays he has been involved in. “I was lucky in this regard. It is said that I am a good actor because I work with the right people, maybe because if there is a weak link with one of the people you work with, it is not that good. Because this is not a job you can exist alone. It does not help anyone that I am talented alone at home. If you are a gamer, you have the chance to experience many things other than your life. Therefore, we get acquainted with those emotions. A bit of a cheeky job; you play, you get full, it ends. You approach the new one with the same feeling. This is actually a healthy schizophrenia, not the extent of the disease. It is very fun to be able to live different stories in a healthy way. It’s like playing house. Acting is about self-improvement. If I were a student again, I would want to study theater again. But if you try, you can be a good player. I love cinema, television, and theater as well. All of them make me happy. I don’t give up on any of them. If I quit, I will quit them all. ”

Career plan: She thinks that the movie “Kıskanmak”, which won her the Golden Orange Award, was a turning point for her career. “I think” Kıskanmak is a turning point for me. I say this in terms of acting, of course, I discovered something there, I closed one period and entered another. After that came “Carousel”, which is also a very good movie. You act according to that director’s method in every movie, and I learned that while filming the “Carousel”. Your own intuition and the director’s dream. Of course, this is something I think of the directors who shot their own scripts. At least I’ve always worked with such directors, I’m lucky actually. I’ve never done career planning, but after the movie “Jealous”, the same kind of roles came to me. I often took part in comedy roles in the theater. The stories and the roles I will play are good enough, I play in every role.

Dream of the Future: She dreams of acting and taking part in different roles throughout her life. “What is in every actor’s heart is different roles. For this, it is necessary to meet the right people. You don’t have to be a great actor when you’re shooting a motion picture. You are a worker after all. If you work with a very good director, you will play well. The actor is not good or bad. ”

Relationship with nature: She likes to be in nature. She usually makes her holiday choices in small places. “In Turkey, we are going to generally smaller and not too touristy. We prefer Black Sea because we do not like hot weather very much; Bartin, Ordu, Giresun. Great places for vacation. ”


2018 / 2019– Courtyard / Zerrin Şahin

2017 – Bu Sayılmaz / Melek Sayılmaz

2012/2013 – Böyle Bitmesin / Nisa Yazıcı

2011 – Gün Akşam Oldu / Belgin

2010 – Doctors / Direnç Kurt

2007 – Kara Yılan (Black Snake) / Sona

2006 – Kızlar Yurdu (Girls’ Dormitory) / Yasemin

2006/2007 – Past Times / Ayla

2005 – Körfez Ateşi


2020- Fragrance/ İlhan

2020- Kar Kırmızı

2017 – Sen Kiminle Dans Ediyorsun? / Ayfer

2017 – İstanbul Kırmızısı

2013 – Eve Dönüş: Sarıkamış 1915 / Gül Hanım

2012 – Yeraltı / Fahişe

2011 – Gişe Memuru / Nurgül

2010 – Atlıkarınca / Sevil

2009 – Kıskanmak / Seniha

2007 – Barda / Sevgi

2006- Hacivat Karagöz Neden Öldürüldü? / Bacı Jahan


2019- 10 Saniye

2018- Sultana

2017- Düşperest

2016- Ölüm Hastalığı

2016- Akciğer

2016- Kel Şarkıcı

2015- Temizlik İşleri

2013- Oda ve Adam

2010- Yanlış Anlama


2020- Crop Summer Friends Theater Awards / Small Hall Actress Award / 10 Saniye

2017- Direklerarası Theater Awards / Best Actress Award / Akciğer

2017- Theater Critics Association (TEB) Awards / Actress of the Year Award / Akciğer

2017- Outstanding Akmen Theater Awards / Actress of the Year Award / Akciğer

2010 – 17th International Golden Boll Film Festival / Best Actress Award / Kıskanmak

2009 – 46th International Golden Orange Film Festival / Best Actress Award / Kıskanmak

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