Who is Neslihan Atagül? Height - Age - Series - Family
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26 November 2022 18:37


Who is Neslihan Atagül? Height – Age – Series – Family

Neslihan Atagül was born on 20 August 1992 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series and movie actress.

Name: Neslihan Atagül
Date of Birth: August 20, 1992
Place of Birth: İstanbul
Height: 1.69 m.
Weight: 53 kg
Horoscope: Leo
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Auburn
Father: Yaşar Şener Atagül
Wife: Kadir Dogulu
Siblings: İlkay Atagül
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/neslihanatagul
Pets: She has dogs.

Family: Her mother is White Russian, her father is Circassian. She has a brother. In 2016, she married Kadir Doğulu, an actor like her and the couple has no children.

Childhood: She decided to become an actress while watching movies with her father when she was very young. When she was 13, she searched for an agency alone and registered there to implement this decision. “I remember talking to my mother after calling the agency and telling her how we should go. I said to her, “Mom, I want to be an actress and I’m afraid of being late.” My mother and family trusted the word of a 13-year-old girl and always supported me. I learned to trust from them, from the love they gave me. The TV series “Leaf Cast”, which I started when I was 14 and released when I was 18, was a school and an incredible experience for me. I always wanted to do something, put it on top of what I was doing, show my acting and my potential to people, but I never dreamed of fame. ”

Educational life: She graduated from Yeditepe University Theater Department.

First step into acting: She started her television adventure with the character “Deniz”, which he portrayed in the “Leaf Cast” in 2006.

With which project did she shine? She drew attention with the character of “Şirin Bakırcı” in the “Life Goes On” series.

Personality traits: Excited, enthusiastic, energetic, sincere, natural, disciplined, hardworking.

Mindset: She always tries to walk around in her spare time and apply what she wants to do. She puts a certain amount of time between her every job and feeds herself during this time. “Then I can do what I want to do. Health matters. I’m afraid of losing it. Since we do business with our physics, people are watching us, it is very important. For example, when I get flu on set, I say ‘What to do’. Because my nose should not be runny, blushed and my voice should not change. That’s why I try to eat quality nutrition and sleep well. I think we make everything too big and difficult. We dramatize the events. We have emotional addictions about life, whether positive or negative, we constantly feed on them and bring them up. We have to do something with love and willingly embrace the work at hand, which already brings passion. ”

What kind of person is she on set? Sets taught her the most patience. “Everyone is very sweet, but we can be hurt and upset because we see each other almost every day and work hard, so we need to be understanding and empathize. I can say 99 percent of my life is acting. When I’m preparing for a character, my life becomes that character. I constantly think about him during the preparatory period. While eating, watching movies. I continue my daily life, but one side of my mind is always with the character I’m just prepared for. This relationship is between “recording” and “we cut” after the shooting begins, that is, after I have formed the character clearly in my mind. So I don’t think anything after “cut”. I am me again. ”

A source of happiness: She is happy that her fans love her without even getting to know her. “This interest makes me feel very special. The place of their love is very special and mutual. This is my biggest source of motivation. Good thing they exist. I hope we get bigger. ”

First motion picture: Nihat Durak / İlk Aşk

View of life: She always wants to be able to do justice to the life she lived. She leaves life with its flow. “Of course I can’t say to myself ‘I’m very successful,” but I’m doing what I want to do. The things that you wanted so much and gave up at the last minute when I came to the shore were necessarily. Because I feel or see that something is wrong or not going well on my way. Somehow I will come across and go back that way. This would be good for me. I look at life a little like that. Shams-i Tabrizi has a nice saying: It is a futile effort to think where the end of the road will lead. You’re only obliged to consider the first step you take. The rest will come automatically. “I am disciplined in my job, but as Neslihan, I let my life flow. Being on my inner journey excites me very much. Lately I’ve been diving deep and trying not to escape from anything. ”

Perspective on business life: Without getting distracted, she only moves towards her goals, works and strives and perseveres. Se believes that the universe brings her perseverance to her. “I am very patient. There have certainly been times in life where everyone said “What should I do?” He thought of other ways. I love acting very much and I also earn money from what I love so much. That’s why I never thought, “Should I give up?” But of course there have been things I said, “Is this how it should be?” To intend to do good things, to serve the sake of the society and my country, to touch the lives of the young people who follow me with the social responsibilities I want to undertake, what I say and do. Perhaps a thousand people hear what comes out of our mouth, but what is said only touches one person with the message they give. Here it makes me very excited to be able to touch a single person. ”

Career plan: She is dreaming of acting in an Almodovar movie. “I’m sending such messages to the universe. It would be enjoyable for me to meet him, to be on his set. I am a bit arrogant, a little stubborn person. This is just breaking. I have been trying to file this issue myself for 2 years. While evaluating the incoming projects, of course, I get ideas from Kadir, my manager, Önem, from people whose opinion I value. But in essence, I listen to myself, and whatever I want to do, I prefer whatever comes closest to me. ”

Future Dream: She wants to play many different characters. Her only goal is to be a man smart player. “I keep saying this but that’s what I want. It is my most important goal not to regret any work I have done. I have a long way to go. Like any business, you overcome some obstacles and reach your goal. It is very important to stand firm against these obstacles. So I have to feed myself in every field. I do that too. Of course I have a line planned, but let’s wait and see together. ”

Concerns: She longs for a time free from gender discrimination, where everyone lives in an equal and free world. “Or are those days long gone? I don’t know that either. There are similar problems all over the world, civilization is going back rather than going forward, it stays in place if it never happened. ”

Relationship with nature: She loves spending time in nature. Most of the holidays they plan with their spouse are in the lap of nature. “Being close to nature reminds me of my essence, my shadow falling from the moonlight cheers me up incredibly; I feel as if I proved again that the world is round. Seeing the stars when I look at the sky, the moon lighting up at night, is great feelings for me. We love to travel by caravan with Kadir (Doğulu). One day we are in the highland and there is no one, there is a caravan, a fire, two dogs, my love, me and the lake. The moon is such a moon that you can see everywhere. I understand the meaning of life. I slept that night and while looking at the sky, I said to Kadir: “Kadir, remove me from here, or I will go crazy.” I think that beauty was too much for me. I like living in nature so I don’t prefer to sit in the center of the city. But that doesn’t mean I stay away from people. ”

What does she do at home? She definitely starts the day by drinking espresso. She definitely drinks Turkish coffee after breakfast. “When I have my breakfast at home that day may be an ideal day for me. I mean, it might be a day when I can get a lot of efficiency. I am good with the kitchen too, I can never be modest about it, I cook really well. I think I got a hand from my mom.

Favorite food? Potato. “I like all kinds of them. I can eat sea beans with potatoes and olive oil every day without getting bored.

How does she keep her shape? She is doing sports and eating healthy. “I eat healthy, but I also eat junk food if I wish, but I try not to hinder sports as much as I can. I do crossfit and pilates.

Who are their favorite directors? Luis Bunuel, David Lynch, Tim Burton, Haneke, Gus Van Sant, Jim Jarmusch, Coen Brothers.

What are the pieces that best express your style? She likes to wear boots in summer and winter. “I love my cowboy boots, and black! I also like the designs of Hakan Yıldırım and Zuhair Murad very much.


2008/2010 – Leaf Cast / Deniz

2011- My Heart Is Yours / Melis

2011 – My Dear Father (Canım Babam) / Pınar

2011/2012-Life Goes On / Şirin Bakırcı

2013/2014 -In Between / Neriman Solmaz

2015/2017 -Endless Love / Nihan Sezin Soydere

2018- The Deep / Bilge Koral (Internet Series)

2019/2020- The Ambassador’s Daughter / Nare Çelebi


2006 -İlk Aşk / Young Bahar

2011 -Araf / Zehra

2015- Senden Bana Kalan / Elif


2007 – 14th Golden Boll Film Festival / Promising Young Actress / İlk Aşk

2007- Moscow Film Festival / Best Actor of the Present and the Future / Araf

2007- 19th Golden Boll Film Festival / Türkan Şoray Promising Young Actress / Araf

2012- 25th Tokyo International Film Festival / Best Actress / Araf

2012- Pune International Film Festival / Best Performance / Araf

2012- 45th Film Writers Association Awards / Cahide Sonku Best Actress / Araf

2013 – 16th Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival / The Youngest Witch / Araf

2016- 16.Magazinci.com Internet Media (Best of) / Female TV Series Player of the Year / Endless Love

2016- Footed Newspaper Awards / Best Actress / Endless Love

2016- MGD 22nd Golden Lens Awards / Best Female Drama Actor / Endless Love

2017- 1.Musicoair Awards / Best Female Series Player / Endless Love

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