Tense moments in the Bitter Lands
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29 November 2022 11:22


Tense moments in the Bitter Lands

Produced by TIMS & B Productions and produced by Timur Prosecutor and Burak Sağyaşar, “Bitter Lands” was on the screen with a breathtaking episode on the ATV screen in its third season. “Bitter Lands”, which is an indispensable part of Thursday evenings, became the most watched production in all categories with its 75th episode. New episode of Bitter Lands topped the top with ratings between 8-13. With the hashtag #İçimYanarken, it was also among the most talked about social media.

In the episode where a brand new and fearless Züleyha took the ropes of her fate, the meeting she dared not to separate a mother from her child, despite the evil done to her, caused a disaster! Even after the departure of the character of Hünkar Yaman from the Bitter Lands series, the excitement does not decrease, the audience interest rises and the newcomers to the story give strength. In addition, Hande Soral will be featured in new episodes with the character of Ümit, which is one of the remarkable developments of the last period. The ATV series, which increased its ratings in its 3rd season and made a difference to its closest rival, The Miracle, also deserves applause.

So what happened in the 75th episode of the series? Züleyha, who passed the adoption test many times, told Demir that she loved Yılmaz! Then she extended a helping hand to Müjgan, who was separated from her son by Yılmaz! However, taking the anger of Yılmaz, meeting Müjgan with his son Kerem Ali resulted in a disaster! Müjgan, who begged and caught Züleyha to see her son, when it came time to leave, despite all the cries of Züleyha, she embraced her son and tried to run away!

As soon as Yılmaz returned home and learned that Züleyha took her son and left, Müjgan rolled into the river! And she started to drift in the water with Kerem Ali in the stroller in her arms!


Just when she pointed his gun at Fikret, whom she called my brother, Müjgan’s confession that she lied made Yılmaz mad! Apart from the Fikret – Müjgan gossip that fell into Çukurova’s language, no one, including Fekeli, could stand in front of Yılmaz because Züleyha did not believe him.

Yilmaz, who dragged Müjgan to the farm by dragging her to the farm, made Züleyha once again make Müjgan’s confession, regardless of anyone in the garden!

Even the fact that Demir said “neither to us nor to the dispute between you” did not scare Yılmaz and Züleyha anymore. Yılmaz, who put Müjgan and her aunt in the car and sent them to Istanbul with her men at the beginning, met with Züleyha. And the two lovers whose fates were taken away from them long ago decided to flee after Hünkar’s 40 mawlids to rewrite their destiny!


When Yılmaz took his men and Müjgan and Behice to Istanbul, Fekeli, who was chasing the vehicles, stopped them and intervened in the situation! He placed the two women in a house in Adana, which Yılmaz would not see, warning them not to break his word.

Then he went to receive the portrait of his 40-year passion, Hünkar. He did not know that Müjgan was begging to go to Züleyha’s door at that time and have her meet with her son!

Fekeli seized the situation in order not to lose Fikret, who was very disturbed by the rumor with Müjgan and the developments that followed. He went to the hospital to find the gossipers, and just as the gossip was going on, he gave the necessary life lesson to the nurse who saw the two and talked around. He closed the topic.

Will Kerem Ali be washed away?

Will Müjgan lose her son after her love?

Are the fates of Züleyha and Yılmaz now in their own hands?

Will Sevda replace Hünkar and become the lady of the mansion? Will Seconds and Gaffur endure this situation?

Will Demir be able to find Hünkar’s killer?

Will Fekeli’s heart be able to pass the fire?

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