Pelin Karahan returned to the sets after 3 years
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27 November 2022 14:38


Pelin Karahan returned to the sets after 3 years

Famous actress Pelin Karahan appeared on the set for her new project. The actress, who will take part in the movie called Dalgalar ve İzler (Waves and Traces), was also viewed by the cameras. Famous for her character Aslı, who portrayed in the Day Dreaming series, the actress has not been on the sets for a long time.

The actress, who accepted the offer from the movie, even during the pandemic period, is very happy to return to the sets she has been away for 3 years. Karahan answered the questions of the magazine reporters on the set set in Nişantaşı. The story of the movie directed by Emre Kavuk belongs to Yasemin Zorlu. An impressive mother-daughter story will be told and Karahan will share her motherhood feelings with the audience for the first time in a production.

Pelin Karahan said, “Our movie started today, its first day, it’s a good movie. I hope we are getting ready for festivals. A mother daughter story I can’t give much detail, there is a bit of a mystery there. There is a little girl with me, we play together. It will be a drama-based movie, ”he said.

The actress stated that she missed being on the sets very much and that it was good for her and that he would give all his energy to this movie.

Stating that taking breaks is good for her and gathering energy, the actress stated that she is also happy to give life to other characters.

Pelin Karahan stated that because her children are growing up, they do not have a situation to bring to the set, she did not prefer it when they were younger and that the set was difficult for children.

Underlining that her mother supports her in the care of children at home, Pelin Karahan stated that they want to participate in festivals with films.

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