The secrets of the past are revealed one by one in the series My Left Side!
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29 November 2022 11:06


The secrets of the past are revealed one by one in the series My Left Side!

Sol Yanım (My Left Side), produced by BKM, came to the screen with its second episode on STAR TV. In the new episode of the series, the secrets of the past slowly began to emerge. ‘The third episode trailer of Sol Yanım released after the finale also attracted attention. Selim, who threw himself into the hotel after the party, was angered by his father, İhsan, and Biricik changed tactics this time after Selim’s indifferent attitude and visited the Kutlusay Mansion.

Although she tried to take advantage of the closeness of the only families, Selim’s cold attitude towards Biricik did not change. The original plan of Biricik, who managed to enter Selim’s room with the excuse of the project assignment, was very different; She began to monitor Selim’s world thanks to a program she installed on his computer. Barbar, who had just gotten out of prison, was held by Serra immediately after seeing it. This interest of Barbar, who told the young people who were haunting Serra in the neighborhood, made Nazlım deeply jealous. Serra, who heard about Nilgün’s disappearance without informing anyone, found her mother in a miserable condition at the beginning of her brother’s graveyard.

Asena, who never stopped dealing with Selim, met with Biricik’s mother Tuğba. Selim’s flirtatiousness and his attempt to bring Tuğba to fill fueled Biricik’s ambition even more. When Selim made proud after what happened and wanted to finish his lesson sessions with Serra, Serra greeted him softly, but his first moments without a fight were divided by a terrible incident. Hülya, who saw nothing but her love for Selim, went to the roof and attempted suicide. Serra, who is very sensitive about this issue due to her traumatic past, managed to climb to the roof with the help of Burak. Selim’s indifferent attitude towards the girl who risked death for him injured Serra.

Serra became a hero at school when she talked to Hülya in cold blood and persuaded her to come down. After this incident that shook the whole school, Serra won the appreciation of Onur Hodja, and all the arrows were turned to Selim and Selim’s charismatic stance in the school was damaged.

Burak, whose every effort against Serra was unsuccessful, did not know what to do, and took the unique position. Fearing that Selim and Serra would get closer, Biricik tried to turn the situation in favor of Burak by giving tactics.

While Burak knocking on Serra’s door in the final; It became a matter of curiosity about who the woman Selim was knocked on.

In the third part of “Sol Yanım”, coincidences and secrets will cause Serra and Selim to get closer to better while fueling their love.

Will Burak reveal Serra’s secret? What will be Biricik’s new move against Selim? What will the Barbarian, who fell in love at first sight, follow in order to obtain Serra? What is the secret between İhsan Kutlusay and Serra? Who is the mysterious woman Selim knocked on his door?

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