Who is Oya Unustası? Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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3 December 2022 16:07


Who is Oya Unustası? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Oya Unustası was born on January 1, 1988 in Istanbul. She is a Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actress.

Name: Oya Unusu
Date of Birth: January 1, 1988
Place of Birth: Istanbul
Length: 1.73 m.
Weight: 50 kilos
Zodiac: Capricorn
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Auburn
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oyaunustasi/

Family: Her parents are from Izmir Buca.

Childhood years: When she was a child, she tended to fine arts. “In primary school, I would draw my class teacher behind the examination papers and write poems for him. The little girl who always drew pictures, sang, imitated, heard music, danced, jumped on seeing an empty stage had to set a direction as she grew up. So I entered the conservatory flute department and started with the discipline until I graduated from university and graduated from the university. ”

Education life: She completed her education at the Flute department of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. She also received training from Ayla Algan on acting and performing arts.

How did the acting adventure begin? The urge to play was always something inside. “The only profession I could do as an adult was acting. While studying music on the one hand, I also tried to improve my acting simultaneously. I had the chance to join the industry immediately after graduation. ”

First step to acting: He experienced her first acting experience in 2010 with the movie ‘Losers Club’.

Which project did it shine with? It attracted attention with the character of ‘Zeliş Gıpgıp’ in the ‘My heart is left in the Aegean’ series in 2015.

Personality traits: Intimate, energetic, friendly, passionate, determined.

Mindset: The spiritual aspect is dominant. She dreams and believes that she achieved her dreams with the affirmation method. “I dreamed of precisely this work before our paths crossed with the series ‘My Heart Stayed in the Aegean’. I am a person who lives with her spiritual side. Those who are curious can investigate the ‘affirmation method’. I dreamed every day regularly, I wrote my dream, the story is embroidered like lace, I wish a job that I can work peacefully with the players, the team, I will be happy while working and give the audience happiness, and then I left myself to the flow … ‘My heart is left in the Aegean’ I understood that I met my dream when I read the script.”

First feature film: Tolga Örnek / Losers Club

Her outlook on life: She believes that everything she lives is and will be as it should be. “I live with my heart and soul. I am trying to do my best. I do not follow any other path. I accept and thank them for all I can live. ”

Business view: She studied music for years, but preferred acting. “I was too young to set a direction. As I grew up and got to know myself, music became my inner world, and acting became my way of expressing life. My way of living is acting. My way of experiencing myself, others, human beings, feelings, beauty and pain. In short, my way of getting to know life. Actually, I cannot think of acting very differently from life. I think if a person should come to the best point he can come and move himself to the highest possible places in terms of performance. This has always been what I intended to do, and at this point acting came across. Acting is now something like the essence of my life. So I’m not looking as a profession. Acting as a tool, a way for me to be able to discover myself as a human and carry my awareness to the highest levels. ”

Career plan: “ In my dream, as many times as I can play in the lifetime given to me, I have to play the role that will make me say,” Did I have this, I can’t believe it? ”

Future Dream : The biggest goal in life; To be happy, to be happy and to be the best person you can be. “To be able to inspire someone with what I do, with what I play, with love. That’s just my goal. ”

Relationship with nature: She loves walking without setting a route, swimming as much as possible, stepping on the ground, being in nature. “Whatever she gave me at that moment, I enjoy him, I thank him, I live him.”

What does she do at home? If a person seems to me that was not created to stand and remain stable. I try to be on the move as much as possible and I feel happy when I can achieve this. Then I can reach my ideal weight. I try to feed my body with food from nature as much as possible.

What is the beauty routine? She prefers natural products in her care. “Fruits and vegetables are miracles given to us, we forget them. I try to use natural ingredients as much as possible in my care as well as my diet. I use argan oil to nourish my hair and apple cider vinegar to shine. I make soda and rose water tonic for my face. I apply masks with yogurt for sensitivity and clay for cleaning. ”

Does she follow fashion? She likes to wear what suits her. “Actually, every woman dresses for her day. Some days, decorations come for hours, and some days, they have nothing to do. I like to dress more sports, comfortable and plain. ”


2019 / 2020- Hercai / Gönül Aslanbey

2018 – Resurrection Ertuğrul / Sugay Hatun

2018 – We Are Not Innocent / Ceyda Koruhan

2015 – My heart remained in the Aegean / Zeliş Gıpgıp

2014 – White Carnation / Water Lily

2013 – Sevdaluk / Gülben Gedik

2011 – Izmir Gang / Duru


2011- Losers Club / Girl at the Bar


2017- Best Sellers / Olivia

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