Who is Necip Memili? Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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26 November 2022 14:50


Who is Necip Memili? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Necip Memili was born on May 27, 1980 in Adana. He is a Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actor.

Name: Necip Memili
Date of Birth: May 27, 1980
Place of Birth: Adana
Length: 1.86 m.
Weight: 72 kilos
Zodiac: Gemini
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Mother: Emel Memili
Father: Nihat Memili
Spouse: Didem Dayıcıoğlu
Siblings: Bahtiyar Memili, Özkan Memili
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/neocu/
Pets: Dog Match

Family: His family did not put pressure on the profession, he was raised free. “My family wouldn’t say” engineer, be a doctor “or something like that. They were realistic and they said, “Nothing will happen from this.” Thanks, they didn’t get too messy. They did not support acting at first, but later they believed me when they started having fun with me, laughing and crying. That’s why I have always been what I wanted to be in this life for 35 years, I grew up like that. They don’t interfere with me, it’s my life, it’s my decision. ” In 2020 he married magazine editor Didem Dayıcıoğlu.

Childhood years: He was a naughty boy who couldn’t stand still. “Every child makes imitations, but my problem was that it was too much. I was a very naughty boy. I read in the electrical department because my family said, “Nothing will happen, let’s send it to vocational high school.” But with the guidance of some people who saw that I could not stand in my place, I turned to acting to “tame”. I prepared two or three years to enter the conservatory. I worked in many jobs, from barbershop to waitressing, to get rid of my excess energy in my childhood. I saw a lot of benefits. Now I know where and what the man I’m going to play with. ”

Education life: Graduated from Çukurova University State Conservatory Theater Acting Department.

First step to acting: The first time he came across the camera with the series ‘Back Streets’.

Which project did it shine with? It drew attention with the character of ‘Zaloglu Ramazan’, which he portrayed in the series ‘Lady’s Farm’.

Personality traits: Stubborn, as it is, hardworking, ripping what he’s holding.

Personal development: He plays mind games, reads regular books and reads the magazines he follows to improve himself.

Hobbies: Percussion plays, he tries to play the clarinet. He wants to advance in the instrument. “I will try to learn the English, which I have resisted to learn all this time, as it is now imposed. One of the things I love is to voice. Dubbing is the only thing we do best in the world. I started vocalization by chance, but I do it with love. ”

Mindset: He interprets players as the gods of the characters they play. “You don’t know how the man is walking, winking or talking. This happens when you start doing it. You create something that doesn’t exist or not. Yes, I am becoming his God. This is a great pleasure. ”

How is someone on the set? When he starts a new project, he gives him five episodes to match the screenwriter and sit on the character. “There are three circles of a character in the conservatory: the psychological circle on the inside, the physiological circle on the outside and the sociological circle on the outside. A character consists of them. We are the gods of the character we play, I never forget this fact. When a script is given to me, I take pages of notes about that guy, I take it up to his sign. I write stories. I don’t want any gaps in that role to be found. For example, I read eight books to prepare for the role I will play in theater. ”

What is he longing for? He loves Yeşilçam movies, he is longing for that time. “There is no hell out of today without knowing the past. That texture, color, sincerity, littleness in the years of Yeşilçam… All is different. It was a time when orange was orange. For example, I would not watch Türkan Şoray as beautiful, and Kadir İnanır as handsome. I believed in their feelings and emotions and watched them because I believed. Oh those years. ”

First feature film: Avni Kütükoğlu / Nene Hatun

Admired: Monica Bellucci fan

Definition of love: “I’m a beautiful lover. I am someone who surprises, loves and values ​​what he loves and does everything he can to make him happy. I wouldn’t jump with a parachute for love, though. ”

His outlook on life: He is not someone with great expectations from life. “Besides my work, I have no desire to enjoy life. I love spending time at home. I start the day with a note about that day, I record every day.

His view of business life: He is not very interested in the concept of fame. “I do not have a sense of fame because I see myself as a man who opens the shutter of his shop in the morning and closes it in the evening. Of course, it is very pleasant for them to come and hug, but sometimes I am surprised. I love being in life; I’m getting on the bus, the ferry. But they are even surprised by this. The other day an aunt said, “Aren’t you ashamed?” said. “Why should I be ashamed?” I said. “You earn that much, you get on the van. “Get in your car.” I said, “I don’t have a car.” “Then take it,” he said. I’m having such funny things, but I like it, it’s a story. ”

Career plan: It will continue to be on screen with bad characters. “There are also funny roles, but I am trying to draw a picture of stability that I will create myself. I think I created a cute state out of bad. I prefer roles that I can enjoy and the audience can enjoy.

I would love to experience playing the woman. If I were a woman … I would be funny and funny. And I would definitely be a mother. ”

Future Dream : He also wants to play the lead role but enjoys playing active side roles more. “I would like Orhan Pamuk’s“ Snow ”novel to be shot. There was a Necip there, maybe I was very impressed because we were namesake. I would like to play it. If the Fang Family withdraws again, I would like to revive the father or son there. Everybody wants a lead role after all. Understudy; He is assistant from the leading to the bottom. I want to star in, but I’m not enthusiastic. Playing active roles is more enjoyable. But there is also the truth: Visuality is very important. You feel good when watching handsome and beautiful people. Imagine; They’re always like me in a show! I mean, I wouldn’t look. ”

Concerns: He thinks players must be actively in life. “Some players seem to be sitting behind Kaf Mountain. If you are not in life, the things you do are already lying. If you enter the places where the society is, the audience loves you. If you isolate yourself, you cannot talk about your work. ”

What does he do at home? He likes being at home and in the kitchen. “When I enter the house, I feel somersault from happiness. I got the love of home from my family. ”

Which movie was he affected? Coens’ 21 Country, The Usual Suspects and Matrix, The Godfather and Terminator are the movies he has watched, especially the ‘No Country for Old Men’ movie.

Which book was he influenced by? Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s ‘My Sad Bitches’ novel is one of his favorite books.

What posts are he following? Sleepless, Head, Elephant, Subtitle, OT, Milliyet Sanat, WhatsApp, Birhaber, Atlas History and National Geographic.

City / country most wanted to travel: Spain wants to see Malaga and New Zealand.

Favorite city / country: He doesn’t like to go abroad. “Even my close circle gets angry with me the most about this. But it is among my ideas to visit the Aegean and the Black Sea by car. ”


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Antalya Television Awards / Drama Series Best Supporting Actor / Dila Hanım

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