Who is Özge Özpirinçci? Height - Age - Series - Family
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4 December 2022 04:59


Who is Özge Özpirinçci? Height – Age – Series – Family

Özge Özpirinçci was born on April 1, 1986 in Istanbul. Actress of Turkish TV series and films.

Name: Özge Özpirinçci
Date of birth: April 1, 1986
Place of birth: Istanbul
Length: 1.60 m.
Weight: 51 kg
Horoscope: Aries
Brown eye color
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Mother: Güzide Özpirinçci
Father: Emrah Özpirinçci
Brothers: Emre Özpirinçci
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ozpirincci/
Pets: He has a cat.

Family: Her mother is an English teacher, she has a brother. “My mom and dad have always respected my interests and interests. Also, they weathered my crisis of having everything I wanted and I am grateful for that. My mom started reading news on social media when I first became famous. She was saying, "Do you see what they wrote to you?" I started suggesting to my mother first. Then his shell also hardened. He started to say, "They wrote like this, but I know it isn't."

Childhood years: He grew up in an overly loving family. His childhood was spent on the streets. “My mother, my father and my brother spoiled me so much with their affection that I would not deny it if they told me this girl who is the pony of love. My childhood was spent on the streets. I can say that we are the last generation to play on the street. Since my school life was always successful, I was able to play as much as I wanted. "

Educational life: He studied primary and secondary school in Istanbul, and part of his secondary education was carried out in the United States of America. He graduated from the Department of Management Sciences at Sabancı University.

How did you decide to become an actress? The performance began for her with the videos that her brother recorded with the handycam that her father gave her when she was young. “My brother, at his young age, did not give me directors, nor did he write scripts or sketches. Well if you can get their videos. In my last year in college, at the insistence of my cousin Helin, I signed up with an agency and decided to earn some money playing commercials before attending an acting course with my brother in America. With my first ad, my acting adventure began when I was lucky. From my first set I worked with such good actors that I started cooking in the kitchen. "

The first step to acting: He began his television adventure with the television series' Do You Have The Courage For Love? (Cesaretin Var mı Aşka?)

With what project did you shine? He attracted attention with the character of "İpek Taşkır" in the series "Los Angeles".

Personality Traits: Since she greeted her 30s, the traits that she bragged about in her youth, like being crazy and brave, have become something else and she likes her a lot. “As I laughed at the things I used to fear, the things I didn't even have in mind when I was young can scare me now. Those who know me say that I am mature. In emergencies, in times of crisis, I can stay calm and behave maturely. Although it seems to contradict my madness and bravery. "

Mindset: You don't like living life in secret. If you want to go out that day in your pajamas, you go out like this. The project believes that it cannot be one of the people. “I started doing yoga thanks to Berrak (Tüzünataç). I used to think that "yoga is the most boring thing in the world". But after my first lesson I said 'I wish I had started earlier'. I think yoga should be in schools instead of physical education lessons. Something that will advance society mentally and physically. Thanks to yoga, I had a calmer frame of mind. I learned to stay in the moment. I was a very impatient person. I drive fast, I walk fast, I speak fast. Actually, this is something that keeps me vigorous, but I was not aware of how tired I was. I don't think you should live that fast anymore. In this period of my life I learn to slow down and brake. "

What kind of person is she on set? If you believe and trust the director with the script, you will do everything without worrying about being understood.

First film: Zülfü Livaneli / Veda

The look at love: “When I'm in love, I get very energetic. I talk nonsense, I get clumsy, I get stupid. You mean, "Somebody disconnect that girl." I do things that I would never do. I'm still in love right now. That's why I always do stupid things. Fortunately, professional insanity is also tolerated. I am a person who loves to give whenever I buy. And I have always achieved something in my relationships. So even that feeling is enough, although I am not aware that I am taking it at the time. Being together does not mean spending every moment together. We both have a life. Yes, let's travel together and dust off, but let me have a field of my own, and yours too. "

Vision of life: Motto of life; "Be the change you want to see in the world!" “When I was little, I never thought about what kind of woman I would be in the future. I've always been busy playing. Fortunately, I have reached my age, still nothing has changed. I'm still busy playing. I am in love with my profession! I work to be the person I want. I think change is inevitable; There are very few things in my life that I could never change. They are things that go beyond habit, like my arm and my leg. Lately I have noticed that I am always the same woman. That's why I've been thinking a lot about this 'change' phenomenon lately. I want to do, to try something that I have never done in my life. "

Your attitude towards business life: You don't like the fact that your private life becomes interesting because of your profession. “If you want to have a career in television acting, you cannot complain about this situation. What I complain about is people with bad intentions. I cannot tolerate people who think they know me very well and judge them by the words I say, the actions I do, and the photos I share. While my profession causes me to constantly look at myself and judge me, people who have an idea without having knowledge infuriate me. It is an interesting situation that private life becomes interesting. It's a shame that every move I make is attended by people who are constantly on the lookout and wanting to misinterpret, people who are not aware of the subject. At first I was constantly trying to express myself correctly. But now I understand it; No matter how hard I try, they understand me as much as the other person wants. So I try to do good things instead of thinking about them. "

Career plan – Keep playing different roles on top of career planning. “The most important thing for me is the story first. If your story is solid and you can tell it with the same affection and without altering the consistency of the characters you create, I think a good job is inevitable. I would love to play in an action adventure movie. It would be nice to have an angry but poised female character forcing me to take a melee class, far from the way the audience has seen me thus far. "

What can't you tolerate? He doesn't like it when someone tells him what to do, what to wear, what to say. “Please don't take this as conceited. I follow the director's directives and the rules of life in society, if not unreasonable. But I can't tolerate people trying to overwhelm and dominate people they consider weak in order to feel good. Since tips and ideas are useless without knowledge, I prefer to get them from knowledgeable people. "

How does it keep its shape? Eat healthy and exercise. “Although I can't do it when the set is very busy, sport is something that really makes me feel good. I do pilates or crossfit occasionally. I always try to move, if I can't do anything, I go out and walk six or seven kilometers along the beach, I run; sweating sounds good. I also pay attention to my diet. Burak (Yamantürk) already makes the food and does it very well. I say, "Do what you want and I'll clean it up."

The best advice you ever received? Advice from his mother; "Always seek your rights, but with respect." The advice you received from your father is; "Leave the man you love alone." "

Do you follow fashion? She embraces the "the less clothes the better". She is one of those who thinks that fashion is also an imposition. “I don't like things that restrict my freedom or I don't like people telling me what to do and what not to do for no reason. Fashion falls into this category for me. I like to wear whatever is good for my mood and then my body from that time. The most important thing for me is comfort. In my wardrobe, I mostly wear white V-neck T-shirts and jeans. I love wearing ethnic prints, long skirts, and loose jewelry in summer. The less clothes the better. I'd rather spend the energy I would spend on what to wear today, on what I eat. "

The bedside book? Homo Deus.

Favorite food? “I love soup. Especially their soups to which I will say "I'm not the only one". "

What does she do at home? She likes to spend herself at home in her spare time. “I just don't know how to use the time that I allocate correctly. Sometimes it amazes me what to do. I mean, when I say, 'Whether I go to the hairdresser or see my mom and dad, meet my friends, see my girlfriend, go to the movies or ride my bike,' I can't do anything and stay in house for two. days. Sitting idly at home, changing television channels without doing anything. I really like these. "

What movie affected her? He was impressed by the scene where Leon dies in the movie 'Leon'. "Years have passed, I no longer accept this as a spoiler."


2008 – Do you have the courage to love (Cesaretin Var mı Aşka?) / Ebru Karataş

2008 / 2009- Day Dreaming / Ada

2009- Los Angeles / İpek Taşkır Üstündağ

2010 – Deli Saraylı / Dilruba

2011 – Red scarf / Asiye has

2012 – Black Street New World / Poison Ahu

2013 – Tatar Ramazan: I Break This Game / Alin Terziyan

2013 – Between us / Görkem

2015 / 2016- In Love Again / Zeynep Taşkın Şekercizade

2017 / 2020- Woman / Bahar Çeşmeli

2017- Phi / Sıla (Internet Series)

2020 – Call My Agency / Himself (Guest Player)

2021- Şimdiki Aklım Olsaydı (If I had my current mind) / Reyhan


2010 – Veda / Fikriye Hanım

2011 – Anadolu Kartalları / Ayşe Dinçer

2013- Kayıp / The woman

2014 – Karışık Kaset / İrem

2017 – Acı Tatlı Ekşi / Duygu

2020 – Biz Böyleyiz / Efsun

2020- Karakomik Filmler: Emanet / Deniz- Bahriye


2012- Petualangan Singa Pemberani / Leena

2012 – Paddle Pop Adventures 2: Journey Into the Kingdom / Leena


2012 – 5th Aslan Max Award / Favorite Actress

2015- 42nd Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards / Best Female Comedian

2016- Eryetiş & Balkans Educational Institutions Mavi Çınar Awards / Best Female TV Series Player of the Year

2018-18.Magazinci.com Awards / TV Series Player of the Year / Woman

2018- 9. Magazine Quality Awards / Best Quality Actress

2018-7. Standed Newspaper TV Stars Awards / Best Actress

2018- 45th Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards / Best Actress

2020 -YTÜ 18th Stars of the Year Awards / Most Admired Female Player in the Series

2020-8. Standed Newspaper TV Stars Awards / Best Actress

2020-14 GSÜ EN Awards / Best Film Actress in a Television Series

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