Who is Salih Bademci? Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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29 March 2023 09:47


Who is Salih Bademci? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Salih Bademci was born on August 15, 1984 in Izmir. He is a Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actor.

Name: Salih Bademci
Date of Birth: August 15, 1984
Place of Birth: İzmir
Length: 1.79 m.
Weight: 74 kilos
Zodiac: Lions
Eye Color: Ela
Hair Color: Brown
Spouse: Imer Ozgun
His Child: Climate Bademci
Siblings: None
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bademcisalih/

Family: He married actor İmer Özgün, like himself, on 19 August 2015. Engaged in December 2014, the couple were together for four years. The couple also appeared in the series ‘Istanbul Bride’. He became a father in April 2020. The couple called their daughter ‘Climate.

Childhood years: His mother wanted him to be a lawyer. He was warm to the military after high school. “I like that discipline. When you look, where is the life of the soldier, where is the life of the actor; many different tips. Isn’t it strange? I have such greed. I want to do every job. ”

Education life: Graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory.

First step to acting: He started acting in 1994 with the role of child in the movie “Mıymülüklar Kraları”. In 2007, he had his first acting experience on television with the character of “Muzaffer”, which he portrayed in the TV series “Elveda Rumeli”.

With which project did he shine? He experienced a significant rise in his acting career with the series ‘Time Goes By,’.

Personality traits: Energetic, idealistic, business colic.

Social: He spends his free time more with his wife. There is no night life. “I am sitting on the Anatolian side, my friends are offended because I do not go to this side and join them. It is very difficult to cross the European side. It makes me feel like I am traveling from one end of the city to another, not as if I am traveling between cities. That’s why I can’t go to night life too much. I loner.”

Mindset: If you can imagine what the screenwriter is dreaming of, you play that role. “The rest is all about your limits. And their width is in your hands again. ”

How’s he on the set? He’s extremely energetic. “Of course, I do not find it difficult to restrain this energy when the shooting starts. I already like to spend enjoyable time with the person in front of me. So when I go to the set; nobody can say “Salih’s mode is low today”. If the phrase is in place, when I enter the set, that set will sit, hop will sit and get up. I want to see people happy. I can get angry or upset like everyone else, but life isn’t long enough to be happy or make people unhappy. And very precious. With the problem I am having, I can make the people there unhappy for 5 minutes at most; neither mine nor anyone has the right to much. ”

Television? Theater? “One is organic and the other is inorganic. Nothing happens in the theater without an audience. Get on the stage with as much emotion or alter ego as you want; that audience takes your alter ego, divides it in half and gives it back to you. Frankly, I always try to highlight my opposite side when I’m on stage. Salih is such a man from the outside, but every iceberg also has a bottom that is what makes you a person. The more positive one is, the more negative you can see and vice versa. I would like to average it and see the scale and start from the opposite. I like to look at that grumpy, problematic Salih to play the aggressive man. I am angry and have my side hiding. I don’t show anyone. Anger is an excellent source of energy for the person. That’s why I would love to engrave that feeling. ”

Source of happiness: Moments when he’s on the theater stage. “Acting develops, changes and advances in any case. You won’t experience anything about yourself there. You can’t cut it close, you can’t go across the plan, you can’t miss the moment, if your tongue is wearing, you can’t get it all over again, “What’s the moon?” You can not call. The audience reveals their dislikes with the slightest movement and you get it. You have to take care of everything, you cannot take care of your ego, you have to forget yourself. If your makeup runs out, you have no chance to fix it. You’re naked there, very clear. I think the most enjoyable moment in the world is when you play on stage. ”

First feature film: Ümit Volkan / King of Mıymültlar

Definition of love: “I think my biggest fear in life is to stay without love. Then because we lose everything. Love means everything, our reason for existence. It is an indescribable and indescribable concept in the pattern of the relationship between the two people.”

His outlook on life: He believes that the most important thing in life is balance. “To be happy in life, you need domination and balance about your life, I understood it very clearly. You have to balance life. If you live well, you have to put some bad things if you live bad things. As soon as the balance of the scale slips, you begin to experience deformation psychologically and spiritually. Therefore, balance and domination are two very important concepts in life. I recommend people to give them the opportunity to live their lives, to let them flow, and to always be startled by capital letters. ”

Business perspective: He loves his job, he thinks he is workaholic. “I think I’m about to be workaholic. I am also addicted to adrenaline because of my work. I started to think that this is the reason why I could never take a break from the theater. I love my job from Allah. What feeds me is tempo and work. ”

Career plan: He wants to take part in cinema, fine art films, and beautiful and bold projects.

Future Dream : He doesn’t like setting goals. “You dream but I’m setting it up according to the next thing. Otherwise, I feel as if I are hitting myself. I think it is wrong to put something in front of you.

Concerns: Circulation in TV series “TV series have certain breaks. Frankly, I do not think it is very difficult for the audience to watch a series with the same concentration for 2.5 hours. When the series were 90 minutes, we used to say, “The domestic series is long without ground”; now 120 minutes. So no one should open or protest about this issue (Laughs). Because the time it gets longer when we make a sound. You can watch the same for 1.5 hours; but it forces the viewer for 2-2.5 hours. Therefore, the channel is being changed. Already the ratings balances are changing at that time; We have a certain audience and we see certain works going on. The first one last year is going upside down this year. ”

Who does he admire? Player İpek Bilgin. “İpek Bilgin, who I haven’t had the opportunity to work with, is simply a great actor. Sometimes I help him memorize on set. In fact, he thinks I am helping him and thanks. However, at that moment, I try to snatch what I can get from it, and I say ‘I thank you’. ”

Relationship with nature: He dreams of living a life intertwined with nature.

What does he do at home? He loves to cook and taste it to his loved ones. Baked sea bass with spinach filling is one of the dishes he makes beautiful.

Which games were he affected? ‘Sırça Köşk’, ‘There was a vacuum first, but now he is good’ and ‘summer for two’.


2017/2019 – Bride of Istanbul / Fikret Boran
2015 / 2017- Rental Love / Sinan
2014/2015 – Ulan Istanbul / Ceyhun
2014 – Olive Hill / Akın Karatay
2013 – Fatih / Şehzade Bayezid (Mini Series)
2010/2011 – Time Goes By / Hakan Tatlıoğlu
2007/2009 – Elveda Rumeli / Muzaffer

2017- Cereyan / Young
2015- Dog / Hakan
2015- Missing
2013– Between Friends / Peace
2012- Farewell Authority (Short Film)
2007 – At the Bar / Cenk
1994 – King of the Struggles (Guest Actor)


2020- Fanatic
2018- Script
2015- The Other Story of Hansel and Gretel
2014- Influence
2014- Big Shoot
2012- My Mother’s Murder List / Director
2011 – Oriental Dentist – Istanbul City Theater
2010 – Fire Face – Black and White and Color
2009 – Stingy – City Players


2.Turkey Youth Award / Best Supporting Actor / 2016

Sadri Alışık Theater Awards 2015

“Selection Committee Special Award”

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