Who is Ecem Erkek? Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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23 March 2023 05:11


Who is Ecem Erkek? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Ecem Erkek was born on June 24, 1989 in Ankara. She is a Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actress.

Name: Ecem Erkek
Date of Birth: June 24, 1989
Place of Birth: Ankara
Length: 1.64 m.
Weight: 61 kilos
Zodiac: Cancer
Eye Color: Brown
Spouse: Supreme Gift Male
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ecem.erkek

Family: She is married to Yüce Armağan Erkek, a theater actor like her.

Childhood years: She’s always been imitating since childhood. “I am a child of ‘Yasemince’ period. I used to play all the characters in the sketches. Jug Lady, Inlaid. My first role was the Lady of the Pitcher. I always imitated these characters with my cousin on holidays. I didn’t know that this was the theater. I had no idea that theater could be a profession. I wanted to be a lawyer. One of my very close friends who went to the classroom said, “I will go over the dam, I will study theater.” When I heard this, I said, “How is there a school providing theater education?” I took exams with her. ”

Educational life: She graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Theater Department. She graduated from Ankara Ömer Seyfettin High School in 2006. After finishing high school, she decided to become an actor. Between 2007 and 2008, she received Theater education at Mamak Municipality Conservatory and Diction Education at Hacettepe University Turkish Society in 2008.

First step to acting: She started her television adventure in 2017 with the series ‘Secrets of Life’.

With which project did it shine? The first role in the series was able to attract attention with the character ‘Sirin Kuzgun’, portrayed in ‘Secrets of Life’.

Personality traits: Always excited, this excitement feeds her. When she is not excited, she loses her self-confidence, she says “I think I cannot do it”, her energy is drawn. “I am actually a very lazy person in my personal life but lazy lags when acting. Because it will be cliché but I do it very fondly. I’ve been doing comedy for two years. I do things I like better. But I’m having a lot of fun on the stage. It seems to people that after a while they can’t do anything other than comedy, which is a bit annoying, but in fact I was always playing drama at school. I discovered that I had the talent of comedy with “Secrets of Life.”

Personal development: The most professed job in life is ‘Writing’. She writes herself, but does not like what she writes. “There’s nothing tangible, but I’m trying to write. I don’t like what I write. That’s why I keep it to myself. For example, I do not study characters at home. I don’t know how to do it either. The text comes, I read it, something is coming to my mind at that moment. I’m never working on it. I love watching. ”

Social: She enjoys going back to her childhood places in Ankara. Depending on the time and my mood, the things she enjoys change.

Mindset: She’s wondering what people think of her. “I do something, I like it, but I don’t realize what I do. I am also wondering what does not like and does not like. Because I always did something at school and everyone loved it, it was the same in the series, now it is. But I feel as if there is something I don’t have, but what? I wonder what people think because I can’t name it. ”

How’s she on the set? It feels like I’ve been on the set for years, I’ve been in this industry for years. “I get incredibly excited first,“ How do I do it? ” I say, but when I get inside, I get used to it immediately. I immediately get rid of being oppressed in the face of this fear and excitement. ”

What’s the funniest mistake she’s ever made on the set? When she makes a mistake, she is not afraid of it because she is very afraid of making mistakes. ” But I have a memory that I can say, “If you were there you would laugh a lot.” Once I called out to Devrim Hodja (Yakut) with the name of my own character. … I said you would be very happy if you were there. ”

Source of Happiness: That indescribable pleasure when she fills in her work. If she liked what she did and felt she was loved, then the worlds are Her. sHe believes that she will do this profession forever for pleasure.

Her outlook on life: She is not someone who thinks of the future, dreams of the future, because she is afraid to dream. For this reason, she did not dream of being successful. “When I start dreaming, this time I think“ if not ”. That’s why I take solid steps by thinking about today or tomorrow at most. For example, I dream of having a house. I have a very beautiful house in my dream, I say I will put a bookcase in front of the glass, but then if I get water, I start writing disaster scenarios. Actually, it is quite uncomfortable. I would love to think much more clearly because taking my steps in a controlled way takes me back. ”

Business life view: She wanted to go to the days when Yeşilçam films such as Hababam Class, Gırgıriye and Mutlu Günler were shot. “I wish I was born then. If I were a student of Metin Akpınar, Adile Naşit, Zeki Alasya and Kemal Sunal. If I had been in minor roles but I was with them. It seems to me very ethical and very clean at that time. Everything was very new. Acting was not that much. Now nine and a half out of ten people are players. Some people say, “I’m an actor too, when I was little, I played a tree.” Someone is asking, “Ecem Abla I want to be an actor, can you help?” So I want them to be like language, or do you like…? Make a decision. ” This time they say “let it stay then”. Because they see acting like a bright world. ”

Career plan: Not temporary. She does everything she does with responsibility. “I am always aware that everything I do is mine. So I’m not cursing anything. I want to go like this until the end. ”

Future Dream : She wants to play in the American movie. “It can be any role. For once, I want to be in Hollywood movies. It sounds so strange. ”

Concerns: “The most unbearable aspect of acting is that I don’t feel like a patient, especially when I’m playing comedy when I can’t get the reaction I want. I’m not just talking about audience reaction. Sometimes, a person cannot get a reaction from herself. Not always happening that day. You don’t have that much energy in you and you can’t succeed. I was sick at that time, really. It is very difficult to fight yourself on the stage. ”

Role model: I like being compared to actress Binnur Kaya. “They used to liken a lot at school. Physically, I liken myself to her. I catch your gaze and sometimes I say, “Oh, like me.” I think I’m affected by her, her acting. We are also physically similar. This is also a good thing, I love Binnur Kaya and I am very excited while watching. ”

Television? Theater? “Television is consumed very quickly. With your reputation there, there is no one in the theater. You have been spoken in the theater for years. You are not forgotten, but television is wasted quickly. The theater is more permanent and real. ”

The person she admires? She wants to share the same scene with Uğur Yücel. .

What does she do at home? She loves watching movies, reading books, cleaning. But she is often bored at home and eagerly awaits the opening of the season.

Which series does it follow? Stranger Things, Sense8, Fi, Black Mirror and Innocent.


2017/2020 – Guldur Guldur Show / Naime

2018- The Protector / Sıla

2017/2018 – Secrets of Life / Şirin Kuzgun


American Dream,
Three Cents Opera,
Reverse World,
Romeo Juliet,
Oriental Dentist.

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