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Who is Türkü Turan? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Türkü Turan was born on February 1, 1985 in the Bodrum district of Muğla. She is a Turkish TV series and film actress.

First name: Türkü Turan
Birthday: February 01, 1985
Place of Birth: Muğla
Length: 1.68 m.
Weight: 54kg
Horoscope: Aquarius
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Mother: Sevinç Turan
Father: Veli Turan
Pets: Cat Bobis

Family: Her mother, Sevinç Turan, is the owners of Veli Bar in father Veli Turan Taksim and Bodrum. Her parents divorced when she was very young, her father passed away in recent years.

Childhood years: She grew up in Bodrum until she started primary school. While she started primary school, she moved to Istanbul with her mother, but her father went to her in the summer because her father lived in Bodrum. Speaking of those days; “I am fortunate that the children in the city do not have the luxury to climb trees, tear anything off the tree and eat. “Growing up in Bodrum has led me to experience them.”

Educational life: She graduated from Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sociology.

The first step to acting: She started his television adventure with the series My Mom.

With which project did it shine? She attracted attention with the movie Kosmos directed by Reha Erdem.

Personality traits: She does not like to be considered in his private life. She states that she used to wear everything in the head but she did not care much as she grew up.

Personal development: If she wants time, she wants to get a serious education on cinema and a master in acting.

Social: She likes watching movies, writing scripts and cooking for his friends.

Mindset: She doesn’t like being considered in his private life

How’s that on the set? She likes different and different roles.

The source of happiness: Neighborhood life, spending time at home with very close friends.

First motion picture: Reha Erdem / Kosmos

The person she admires: Atıf Yılmaz … “I met him when she was young. His films were extraordinary and she was very sweet. Oh, he made me say if I worked with this guy, I could be a director like him. ”

The definition of love: “No good comes from the relationship, from the love obtained by dealing. Someone must love me before I do anything; it has no other meaning. It should be spontaneous. Efforts are made for the relationship, but if you start to make a lot of effort, that relationship will be of no value. Everything must be natural. ”

Life view: Someone who constantly renews herself and tries to do different things. “I never plan. Everything is so sudden and so instinctive… What I want to leave behind most is to take the negative energies of people. I don’t want to take it anymore. I want to close all my windows, just get positive energy. And of course leaving my stage fear behind. ”

Business attitude: She lives at a young age, in a world where strong winds blow, but she makes her own decisions and sets the rules. “My priority is not to be a good actor, not to earn money,” said Turan, instead of playing leading roles in the TV series where the topics she does not hold are very popular.

Prefers: “I always loved what I did, maybe because of this, I never had any difficulties and difficulties.” says

Career plan: She wants to work with Fatih Akın and Nuri Bilge Ceylan because she is someone who renews herself and does different things.

Imagination of the Future: One day, if she finds time, she wants to shoot a fantastic type of story se wrote.

Concerns: “Turkey has a huge problem that men also subject to a number of these problems, the famous 40-I also took photographs, but can not solve make-up to make yaptım- beaten face. We do it entirely in good faith, but it is aestheticizing the beating because these women look beautiful with mascara in their lashes. Terrible! I took them last year and I felt bad and such photos; when she is young, the head is pressed later. We discovered Photoshop and plastic makeup! Also, they make men wear bra and suspenders … ”

For God’s sake, understanding being a woman is wearing a bra? As long as we suppress our sexuality so much, this problem is not solved. Men have two kinds of power problems; one is sexual and the other is political. The political issue depends on the sexual power … How to use the vehicle, first we get a training and then a driver’s license. Compulsory education is essential for the pregnant woman and her husband. You will get a child’s license! It’s not enough, you won’t be able to multiply, it’s that simple. ”

Role model: “My mom has a psychic side, for example. She feels my slightest pain and heals her immediately. I don’t believe in Nazara, but I believe in an evil eye bead that my mother wore on me because she believes in it very much and gives it to me. I feel that I have good energy on me, it affects me a lot. She’s my guardian angel! ”

Who admires? Onur Ünlü and Reha Erdem

What does it do at home? She likes writing, watching movies. She loves the kitchen, she makes appetizers and food. Haydari, barren and tomato pilaf are her best dishes.

Nominations and Awards:
011 – 18th Adana Golden Boll Film Festival Jury Acting Special Collective Performance Award (Celal Tan and His Family’s Extremely Sad Story)
2009 – Cinema Writers Association Awards Best Woman Vote Nominated for the Third Performance Award (Kosmos)
2009 – Yeşilçam Awards Best Actress Award nominee (Kosmos)

2009 Kosmos (Neptune)
2011 Children of the Earth Aybike Cinema
2010 Haunting 2: Damn Elif Cinema
2011 Celal Tan and His Family’s Extremely Sad Story (Özge)
2011 box office clerk guest actor
2015 Hidden (Duru)
2017 Put Things To
2018 Maniac
2019 The Ruse (Dilara) Short film
2020 Love Coincidences Loved 2 (Aylin)

2007-2008 My Mother (Pınar)
2010 Pebble Stones (Sevil)
2010 Gönül Ferman Not Listening (Dream)
I Named 2010 Feriha (Season 1) (Gülsüm)
2011 Nuri (Ayça)
2011 is Such A Time (Nihal)
2012 February (Yusuf / Gülüm)
2013 Tatar Ramadan (2nd season) (Ayşe)

2015 Maral: My Best Story (Arya) (Guest actor)
2015 Bitter Love (September) (Guest player)
2017 Full Moon (Alya)

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