Actors - Actresses Who is Yasemin Kay Allen? Height – Age – Series – Family

Who is Yasemin Kay Allen? Height – Age – Series – Family

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Yasemin Kay Allen was born on 10 July 1989 in London, England. British and Turkish TV serial and theater actress.

Name: Yasemin Kay Allen
Date of Birth: July 10, 1989
Birthplace: England / London
Height: 1.75 m.
Weight: 54 kg
Horoscope: Cancer
Eye color Hazel
Mother: Suna Yıldızoğlu
Father: Dudley Allen
Siblings: Dyon Kaan Allen

Family: One of the successful actors of her mother Yeşilçam, Suna Yıldızoğlu met and married her father, English Dudley Allen, in England. Her mother and father came to Turkey when she was three months old. 11-year-old mother and father lived in Turkey until they divorced. Later, her father went to South Africa and established a new life for himself. Allen went to Australia with her mother. She lived there for eight years. She has a brother, a year after her mother and brother came to her after he returned to Turkey for their vacation and decided to stay here. “I was 11 years old when my parents divorced. But there was no shocking breakup and it didn’t reflect on me. They said, “You go, I go,” and they managed to stay as friends. ”

Childhood years: Eyes opened to the world in Turkey, where she studied primary school, Turkey was the place where people begin to perceive. “Turkey has adopted British home of a Turkish family talked a great mother. Then I experienced a different environment in Australia. I became a person who embraced three different cultures. This was a special chance for me. Since my father played golf, I wanted to be a golf player sometime. Then I wanted to be a vet, then a dancer. In the following years, I dreamed of becoming a director and finally an actor. ”

Education: During her high school years, she took cinema, television, drama, painting and Japanese lessons and made short films. She won a scholarship from the film and television department of Queensland University. Eighteen-year-old returned to Turkey Müjdat roving graduated from the Conservatory Theater Department.

First step into acting: She started his television adventure in 2008 with the TV series ‘Elif’.

With which project did she shine? She drew attention with the character of ‘Irmak Tunalı’ in the TV series ‘Mercy’.

Personality traits: Emotional, strong, idealistic, determined, funny.

Personal development: She went to Los Angeles for six months ago after she left Turkey. She trained there for a while at Stella Adler. Then she settled in England.

Mindset: There is a feeling of not staying in one place for a long time. She thinks this situation is related to her growth in three different countries. She always wants to discover new things and test herself a bit. “There was a constant confusion about staying in Turkey in me, I knew. On the one hand everything it was in Turkey and I trust my circle of friends, but not grow without human risk. One has to test his own limits. I realized that I wanted to grow up a little bit, and I wanted to test myself a little bit, and I decided to live in England.

How did it affect her life change so countries: Elementary School in Australia studied in Turkey. “When you change many countries, you become a foreigner everywhere. It takes a long time to capture the local network of a place. My distant stance is because I cannot fully adapt to culture. I am also a foreigner when I go to England. There is a split, but I have never complained. The more different perspectives you have, the richer your head gets. ”

First motion picture: Özcan Deniz / Su ve Ateş

Definition of love: “When I fall in love, I start walking around with a silly smile on my face. You are happy, your heart is beating. You miss someone’s presence. But I think when you fall in love, people lose all kinds of things; because you are beginning to renounce yourself. The imbalance begins when the other person is not ready or gives it undeservedly. But I am also such a person. I say, there is something, you are my favorite person right now, let’s live it, give yourself to me. I am a person who can show my vulnerability next to the person I love. I live with everything love. You know there is something that rarely comes across. You have dream worlds in your head, you start to write songs. Your dreams come alive incredibly, you sleep with him even if he is not with you. What are you going to do without living! ”

Her view of life: The most important principle she has adopted in life. first understanding, then having fun. She tries to gather beautiful people around her, people who take care of the other, do not forget, care and make them feel cared. “I don’t know what it looks like from the outside, but I only want the best from myself. I have a voice in my head who likes to be scolding critical, aiming for perfectionism. I draw a line between finding yourself adequate and not finding yourself. I have such a feature. I always want better. I think my sharp corners have taken me one step ahead when I came to acting. ”

Her view of business life: At the center of her acting life, she completely manages her life. “Sometimes in acting, you can’t separate your professional life from your personality. What you sell is your personality, your body and everything. There is an image you market there. When it fails, it reflects on his whole life. Acting is my life. It made me discover a lot about myself. I improved myself both with portraying an English-speaking character, Stella Adler training, and lessons that we got together with the actors and worked with our acting coach. These lessons have an incredibly beautiful environment. People have the right to make each other critical and we have created a very nice language for each other. I feel I have improved a lot. in Turkey and in the sequence you are creating a certain style of playing movies, but I did not want to solidify my acting style. I approach from places I have never been close to now, to the character and text in my hand. Frankly, I am very impatient to reflect what I have learned to future roles. I feel like I have come to a point where I am beautiful and happy. I’m ready for whatever life brings! ”

Career Plan: She has endless dreams. “Acting is an important thing for me, but in acting, you have to wait a bit for other people to offer you something. When I look at what I can do in terms of creativity, I want to start filming now. I started writing a script. I would like to be more interested in storytelling, directing and shooting projects. I never wanted to break away completely from Turkey. I just have to pay attention to the steps I take and the projects I choose. I don’t want to rush and block other things. ”

Dream of the Future: Always dreaming. She thinks about the past, the future, everything that could happen. She is not one of those people who are trying to move towards it by setting one goal. “Of course everyone who acts wants to win an Oscar. I want to come to good places, play with good actors and take part in successful projects and I want to reach a point where I have the option to choose. I try to keep all my ends and horizons open. My imagination has always been alive since I was little. I was very interested in drawing, I am visually impressed by the colors. My understanding of aesthetics has always been stronger, not verbal. I am an easily inspired person when I see beautiful things. That’s why I always live with my imagination. ”

Concerns: The difficulty of being a woman wears a head in the world and Turkey. “It’s hard to be a woman in the world. However, we are not silent anymore, we have started to systematically express that we are being harassed. When a woman is a boss, she becomes unbearable, when she becomes a man, everything is done. We become unbearable in strong positions. People will get used to it now, it’s time for equality. I look at people as human beings, and I expect everyone to look like that. ”

Hobbyist: She is interested in painting, she paints a lot whenever she finds time. She wants to open an exhibition in the future. On the one hand, she is also interested in music, goes to the studio with her friends, makes a duet. She also discovers herself in music as a creative person. She loves to sing Jazz with a good voice. “I started writing songs in English. I want to open a jazz bar in the future. Let’s have a group, let’s get together in the evening, let’s sing songs. Motorcycle is another passion of mine, this passion comes from my father. I had a lot of friends riding motorcycles and I felt how comfortable I was when I got on it, I think it is practical as a means of transportation. I love the freedom it gives. ”

Most disliked feature? Her indecision. “Sometimes it feels like I’m indecisive, but actually I have decisions that I can just forget at that moment. Then I have to remind myself. There is a picture you are trying to draw, you are after something, these are not spontaneous things, these can be your decisions, what I call owning and be proud of. ”

How does she keep her shape? If she does not do sports, her mode drops. A person addicted to sports. She tries to do it four days a week, and if he does two it feels bad. “I kickboxing, working with staff trainers in the gym, doing cardio, and having a barre class; who have movements similar to pilates and yoga. I’m still eating meat, but I’m trying to eat less. I need protein anyway. Vegetarian and vegan diet requires a lot of effort, you need to constantly prepare your meals and get supplements from outside. I just try to drink a lot of water because I forget. I also try to do intermittent fasting, that is, intermittent fasting, two days a week. This balances me out. ”

With what’s the biggest battle in her life? With herself, with life, with the tests and tests that life offers her. “If you don’t fight, you’re starting to disappear anyway. Life goes on. My desire to hold on to life is the best thing that triggers me. More than a desire for success, the search for meaning is my battle. Because it is very easy to drown in success. I want to collect good memories, collect beautiful people and do things that make me happy. This is my biggest fight. ”

Does it follow the fashion? She has a rock star in her and determines her dressing style accordingly. “If I come back to the world, I would definitely want to be a musician. My style hasn’t changed much over the years; I wear black boots, big belts, silver rings, long coats, and a hat. I have different glasses. She is a bit masculine, looking from the outside, she will make you say “is this girl a rock star or is interested in music” but no, I’m an actress. In my style, I’m bringing out that part of me. ”

What does she do at home? She likes to eat but is not very good with the kitchen. “I cannot be said to be hate. I cook simple meals because I only cook for myself. Whether it’s spicy, spicy, meat and salad is ok for me. I cook great steak. I’m also good at making seafood pasta. ”

Which movie was she affected by? She would have liked to star in ‘Game of Thrones’. “Everyone says we didn’t like the ending of the series, and they spent 90 million dollars to film the eighth season, are they going to shoot it again just because you didn’t like it, I’m sorry. In the series, incredible fan theories have been formed because they did this and that. When they didn’t come true, why didn’t I want it? If you didn’t think that much, if you looked at your life! ”


2008 -Elif /Elif Doğan

2010 -Day Dreaming /Elena Banderenko/Karakuş

2010-High Above The Ground (Yerden Yüksek) /Juliette/Jüjü

2011/2012 -Life Goes On /Pelin Akça

2013/2014 -Mercy /Irmak Tunalı

2014 -Magnificient Century /Defne Sultan/Louisa

2015- Bandits / Sibel

2014/2015 -Matter Of Respect/Sibel Özer Kılıç

2016 -46 Yok Olan /Selin Acar

2017 /2018-Phi / Ece

2018- Dorothy’s Theory / Dorothy’s Mother

2019/2020 -Strike Back /Katrina Zarkova

2020- Happily Ever After /Melisa Yalçınkaya


2013 -Su ve Ateş /Yağmur Efe

2016 -Dönerse Senindir / Defne


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2014 -Internet Media Best of the Year Awards / Best TV Star of the Year / Mercy