Artists News Who’s Burak Deniz’s new girlfriend?

Who’s Burak Deniz’s new girlfriend?

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Famous actor Burak Deniz will return to the screen soon with the Maraşlı series. Finally, the actor, who gave life to a different character in the TV series Unfinished Love (Yarım Kalan Aşklar) , which is still broadcast on Blu TV, has happy moments both in his business and private life.

Burak Deniz partnered with Alina Boz in the Maraşlı series, which will be broadcast on ATV. Shooting also started on the set. The first images will be published soon. After Our Story, the famous actor will return to the screen and make his fans happy.

In his private life, with the emergence of his love with Didem Soydan, the actress does not fall from the agenda of the magazine. Didem Soydan confirmed in her interview that they are in a relationship.

Burak Deniz also made her first share with Didem Soydan from her Instagram account and declared her love. Here is the post:

From a wonderful night to a warm moment :)Who's Burak Deniz's new girlfriend? 7