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29 May 2022 04:26


Why does Fox TV, which has made the finals of the series Son Yaz and Elkızı due to the ratings, put up with Maske Kimsin Sen?

The ratings of Maske Kimsin Sen, which created a great controversy, are falling more and more every week! The competition program named Maske Kimsin Sen continues on Saturday evenings on Fox TV. Tansel Öngel is the host of the competition program in which Eda Ece, Melis Sezen, Doğu Demirkol and Alican Yücesoy take part as detectives.

The competition program, which hosts different famous names every week, became a production that received a great reaction on social media as well as being a fun business. There are also criticisms about the masks used in the program and the negative effects of the program on the mental health of children and young people.

In fact, the program, in which the Radio and Television Supreme Council started an investigation after the complaints received, is also on the agenda of the social media every week. Did you know that although the competition program is talked about so much and seems to be in the foreground, its ratings are very low?

It is not possible for Fox TV to be satisfied with the ratings of the program, which started on January 1 and was broadcast for the seventh time on Saturday, January 29. The Maske Kimsin Sen competition is progressing with even lower ratings than the Elkızı series it replaced.

With these ratings, it is clear how absurd it is that the Elkızı series is aired on Sundays. Do you know that episode 7 of the program was 18th in the all people category and 13th in AB and ABC1?

Fox TV cancels the TV series that received these ratings, despite the great criticism of the audience. However, it is understood from the ratings that the channel’s intense support for the Maske Kimsin Sen contest has not paid off.

Many TV series fans are expressing their anger at the fact that the Son Yaz series, which Fox TV started broadcasting on Saturday evenings at the beginning of the season, was made a finale even though it received better ratings than the competition.

While the Elkızı series was also getting much better ratings on Saturday evenings, Fox TV changed the day first and the final decision was made in the 13th episode.

It was also a matter of curiosity whether Fox TV would cancel these two TV shows and keep them on the air despite such low ratings of Maske Kimsin Sen.

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