Artists News Why Hazal Kaya is a big actress is hidden in his words!

Why Hazal Kaya is a big actress is hidden in his words!


Turkey’s first film industry conference series held in March 3, actress Hazal Kaya and director Hilal Saral met.

Hazal Kaya is giving life to Filiz character in Our Story tv series.

The following question came to Hazal Kaya: “You are no sensational one. How did you achieve this? ”

Hazal Kaya gave the following reply: “I can work without a sensational person. I do not know how I manage to do that. The industry is quite wasteful. I just worked and I did the work that I loved. It is also a good idea to start with such beautiful projects at an early age, working with such nice people … I have not gone too bad and have come to this day without being thrown away. ”

Against the prejudice that women can do intrigue and evil to each other, Hazal Kaya said:

“My generation is supporting each other, and we appreciate each other’s successes.”

When she first started working, she expressed that he did not understand some things as a young woman and she said, “Hilal Saral has got me, and if I had not worked with her, I would have wasted a lot.”