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6 July 2022 09:03


Will Feyyaz Duman accept the new Fox TV series after Baraj?

Feyyaz Duman, who gave life to the character of Arif in the women’s series, became one of the names that received many offers for the new season.

An impressive cast is expected to be formed for the domestic adaptation of the South Korean series Mistresses, which is being prepared by Medyapım. Feyyaz Duman is one of the names expected to take part in the team of the series, which will be adapted to Turkey with the name Liar and Mumları.

Except for the name of the series where the story of the four women will be told and the channel on which it will be broadcast, the information has not been clarified yet. However, it is stated that Feyyaz Duman was offered the lead role. It was reflected in the backstage that Duman had different project proposals in front of him and was in the evaluation phase.

It is also among the information that Ceren Moray received an offer from the series, but that no agreement has been made with any actress yet.

The Liar and His Candles series, originally titled Mistresses, is about the lives and complex relationships of four women in their 30s. The series, which was shot in 12 episodes, was broadcast in South Korea in 2018. The Turkish adaptation is planned for a much longer period.

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