Will Gülse Birsel write a role for herself in her new project for digital?
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1 December 2022 13:48


Will Gülse Birsel write a role for herself in her new project for digital?

Famous screenwriter and actress Gülse Birsel’s new project is eagerly awaited by her fans. Birsel gave the good news that she started working on the new TV series project with her social media sharing in the past months. Gülse Birsel, an actress of journalist origin, has produced many unforgettable productions, including Avrupa Yakası, Yalan Dünya and Jet Sosyete.

Gülse Birsel, one of Turkey’s most popular comedy writers with her hilarious projects, also became a hot topic with her statement, “I will prefer to write on digital platforms because of my own record length and not being free in lines and jokes anymore, unless these two conditions change”. upset the fans who were waiting for the TV series.

It was a matter of curiosity whether Gülse Birsel, who is currently preparing a comedy project for digital media, will take a role in her own project. Gülse Birsel, who plays a leading role in every project broadcast on television, refrained from giving details about her project that she is still in the writing phase.

Gülse Birsel said, “I can’t say that I prefer digital because jokes are beeping on national channels. I made this decision because of the long series times, my work will be 35-40 minutes. The 120-minute series is tiring for both the audience, the writer and the actress.”

Birsel, who stated that she will work with both well-known and new actors in her new project, said, “I think I will take a role in the series, but I can write a lead role or a small role for myself, I haven’t decided on that yet.”

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