Series News Will the Baba series make the finale? Tolga Sarıtaş fans were shocked to see the ratings!

Will the Baba series make the finale? Tolga Sarıtaş fans were shocked to see the ratings!


Show TV has a very ambitious series that is nominated to make the final soon! The ratings of the Baba (Father) series, which is broadcast on the Show TV screen on Tuesday evenings, are not very good. A significant drop in ratings in the TV series Baba attracted attention, especially with the TV series “Yürek Çıkmazı” (Heart Impass) appearing in front of the audience with a very good story.

The results of the 23rd new episode of the TV series Baba, which aired on Tuesday, November 8, were not as expected. Things are not going well in the series, which made a very successful debut in the first season and even has strong expectations to mark the year 2022.

Those who saw the 23rd episode rating results of the TV series Baba, starring Tolga Sarıtaş and Haluk Bilginer duo, brought to mind the possibility of an early finale. Because, television channels cannot keep such productions on the screen for a long time, which suffer a serious loss of viewers. Because the costs of the series are high and if there are no ratings to cover that cost, the advertising decreases with revenue and the channel loses.

It is not an easy matter for a project with such a large and effective cast to continue for a long time with low ratings for the TV series Baba. We think that the meltdown in the ratings of the TV series Baba” will disturb the Show TV officials a lot, but they can take a decision after waiting for a few weeks and watching the situation.

After the decline in all audience groups in the 23rd episode of the TV series Baba, the fact that the project could not even enter the top 10 programs brought with it a great concern.

The series, which could be thirteenth in the category of all people, was able to get fourteenth place in the AB and eleventh place in ABC1. The fans of the series, who saw these results, started to think about the possibility of the Baba series going towards an early finale, with the ratings far below the average.