Series News Will the Yargı series end or continue? Confused, everyone’s eyes are on Kanal D!

Will the Yargı series end or continue? Confused, everyone’s eyes are on Kanal D!


The developments in the story of the series, Yargı (Judgment), which met with the audience on Sunday evenings on Kanal D, the acceleration of events, the expectation that the character of Ilgaz will die, give many viewers the impression that they are heading towards the final.

Especially after the footage shared at the beginning of the season, which seems to suggest that Ceylin killed Ilgaz, many people thought that the Yargı series would end at the end of the season. However, it does not make much sense for Kanal D to finish a project that received such effective ratings.

With the strong story presentation of the screenwriter Sema Ergenekon, the series Yargı came to a very good point. Ergenekon has proven that she can create stories that will attract everyone to the screen in the series Yargı, which she started 2 years before she went on the set and revealed after many arrangements. In other words, if the series continues, there will be no problem at the point of the story.

It is thought that Kanal D will want the Yargı series to continue, while the very good ratings are coming. It can also be argued that Pınar Deniz, who has a special agreement with Disney Plus and shoots a new series called Aktris (Actress), cannot be broadcast on a channel other than Fox TV.

However, agreements are made between the platforms and the producers on the projects that continue before the agreement. We have seen an example of this in Demet Özdemir.

Will the Yargı series end or continue? Confused, everyone's eyes are on Kanal D! 7

Since the beginning of the season, a formula is produced for the audience, who have been waiting for the death of the character Ilgaz, played by Kaan Urgancıoğlu, without harming the series through the story setup.

As a result, there is everything for the continuation of the Yargı series. However, both the expectation that the audience will make the final at the end of the season and the information that it will be the finale spread on the internet are confusing.

There are also allegations that it will continue for the Yargı series. Will it make the final or will it continue? This question is being asked and Kanal D is expected to give an answer that will satisfy curious viewers.