Series News Will there be a second season in Adım Farah? Dreams are big, ratings are low!

Will there be a second season in Adım Farah? Dreams are big, ratings are low!


10 episodes are left behind for the series “Adim Farah” (My name is Farah) and there is no problem with the course of the story and the actors’ ownership of the project. In particular, the fact that the duo of Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek turned into a very successful TV series couple, and the love scenes gradually emerged, and the series got stronger at the point of emotionality, draws the audience towards the story.

A strong audience for the series “Adım Farah” has formed, and these viewers are now complaining the most about the ratings. How could such a series even struggle to achieve average ratings? This question stems from a rating table that puzzles many people and finds it hard to believe.

The success of the story is obvious, the shooting quality is high, the careers of the actors are clear and the performances are also very successful. But why are the ratings low? This is the real question to ask!

As the ratings of the old series for Fox TV were not at the desired level, the effect of taking the decision to take the air out too early, unfortunately, also showed the series “Adım Farah”.

Finishing the day in the ninth place in the category of all people last Wednesday evening, the series achieved the fifth place in the AB group. In both categories, we see a drop in ratings, falling to 3 ratios.

This situation is also below the 4 ratios that are accepted as average. The trouble starts here. Achieving even below average rates in the two most important rating categories creates uncertainty about the future of the project.

In ABC1 group, the fact that the series finished the day 3rd and got ratings of 4 is an important morale reason. Because it keeps the possibility of the series going back to average rates with a little support.

While the series “Adım Farah” does not receive enough attention in Turkey, there is a great admiration for the project abroad. Foreign TV series fans are under the influence of Adım Farah on social media.

The month of May has come, and it will be decided whether the series will be on the screen in the next season or not. While making this decision, it will be important with the ratings to be obtained this month. It is not known what Fox TV will do, but the fact that the ratings are falling is obvious.

In such an environment, it will be a debate whether the Adım Farah series will be broadcast in the second season. However, even if the decision is made to continue the series, it will take a lot of effort to increase these ratings in the next season.