Artists News Wilma Elles is not bothered by being remembered with the series “Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki”

Wilma Elles is not bothered by being remembered with the series “Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman ki”


The play Çiçekçi Sokak (Flower Shop Street) premiered recently and met with the audience. Çiçekci Sokak , written by Kosta Kortidis based on a real news story published in newspapers in the early 1900s, focuses on a murder.

The musical play, in which the famous actress Wilma Elles, who returned to the theater stage after eight years, shares the leading role with Kortidis, also stars Alp Balkan, İlkay Özşen, Dilara Tabak, Ali Alkın Aydın, Pari Mayis and Akın Kaplan.

“Çiçekçi Sokak” met with the audience as the fifth production of Teatro Rudius, which was founded in 2019 by Kosta Kortidis and Akın Kaplan with the slogan “A matter of freedom”.

Wilma Elles, Alp Balkan, İlkay Özşen, Dilara Tabak, Ali Alkın Aydın and Pari May star along with Kortidis and Kaplan in “Çiçekçi Sokak”, which was written and directed by Kosta Kortidis and served as assistant director by Akın Kaplan. The lyrics of the play are by Kosta Kortidis, the compositions are by Altuğ Akınsel, and the choreography is by Alkış Peker and Alper Akalın.

Wilma Elles, who recently gave birth, made a statement about the play to Yusuf Çifçi from Mürekkep Haber. “Tiara Magnolia was three weeks old,” Elles said. That’s when we started rehearsing and she slept the whole time. This was easy for me, of course. Newborns sleep ten to eighteen hours in the first days. It always coincided with rehearsal hours. That’s why we had a problem-free rehearsal process.” she said.

“Many people now know you as Caroline. Does it bother you if a role sticks to you? Answering the question, Elles stated that she did not mind being called Caroline. Wilma Elles said:

“No, it definitely wouldn’t bother me. I actually find this very normal. For example, Beren Saat is always remembered with Aşk-ı Memnu. Even though Erkan Petekkaya has shot so many TV series, he is always known for his TV series, Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki. Is not it? Now this is the same abroad. So, for example, an actor is actually always known for the most popular production. But of course, I’ve shot a lot of TV series, a lot of movies, but it’s like that, so it’s okay. “I’m happy because I love that series so much.”