Without it, there is no Mahkum series! The only indispensable thing for the Mahkum now!
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5 October 2022 19:30


Without it, there is no Mahkum series! The only indispensable thing for the Mahkum now!

It is not an easy task to bring the audience, who is waiting with such great curiosity for the Mahkum (Prisoner) series on Thursday evenings, to this point. Mahkum has been one of the best debuting projects of this season, although it has lost some ratings, like all other TV series, due to Ramadan in recent weeks.

The meeting of Onur Tuna and Seray Kaya for the lead roles was talked about a lot before the broadcast of the series. However, the name that everyone paid attention to after the series started was İsmail Hacıoğlu… İsmail Hacıoğlu, who entered the story with the characters of Savaş and Barış, now continues his role with the character of Barış.

The actor internalized the character so much that he fascinated the audience from the very first episode… This high performance of the actor made the series Mahkum break out in a short time. The Mahkum series, which increased the viewing rates of Fox TV, which could not get what they wanted in terms of series this season, affected millions through İsmail Hacıoğlu’s magnificent performance…

Mahkum (Prisoner) series succeeded in becoming one of the debuting projects of this season, with Onur Tuna joining the cast and the story being very effective. Many TV series fans continue to praise İsmail Hacıoğlu’s performance. One of the Milliyet Blog writers, Anibal Güleroğlu, stated that the actor embraced the role very well, and explained the spirit he gave to the character with these words:

“Don’t ask if psychopathy is cute. It’s like honey. As a matter of fact, the character of Barış, with İsmail Hacıoğlu’s acting, is the clearest example of this.”

Since the character of Barış grew up far from his father’s love and was discriminated against, his psychopathy is based on emotional ruptures in his childhood. Although he is a bad character, Anibal Güleroğlu summarized the point that makes this character different, which combines it with both love and philosophy:

“Barış, whose background is based on a lack of fatherly love and emotional destruction caused by child discrimination, is a symbol of evil blended with love and philosophy. However, the main reason why we put him in a separate place in this regard is the reflections of cuteness, which makes the character’s increasingly intelligent demeanor as innocent as possible and almost forgets his murders with the potential of a serial killer.

The gripping name of the Mahkum series is undoubtedly İsmail Hacıoğlu. The actor, who can pretend to be that person with the spirit he gives to the character of Barış, gives the story of the series a more realistic look because he passes it on to the audience.

The character of Barış Yesari in the Mahkum series is the key point of the story. Considering that Barış and Prosecutor Fırat acted together to save their children, it should be said that the screenwriters of the series also made different exits that did a good job.

Anibal Güleroğlu stated that the character of Barış Yesari is indispensable for the series with the following words:

“The Mahkum is too doomed to the character of Barış Yesari! Because all the actions of the Prosecutor and his team develop on the path drawn in line with his psychopathies. Besides, Barış, who is in the cat-and-mouse game with the Prosecutor, with whom he cooperates against the common enemy, says that he does not regret what he has done… While expressing his love for Büge or confessing his longing at his brother’s grave, he is so sincere and sincere that he calls “Barış”. We can easily say ‘The Mahkum’s soul’, the cute psychopath of the .

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