Wondering what name Sinem Kobal will give her baby
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5 October 2022 17:32


Wondering what name Sinem Kobal will give her baby

Famous actress Sinem Kobal is 4 months pregnant. The actress, who is married to Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, is at the top of the magazine agenda due to her pregnancy recently.

Sinem Kobal fans are also curious about what name the famous couple will put on their daughters. Some fans of Sinem Kobal suggested the famous actress Selena in her posts on social media.

Fans inspired by the Selena series, in which Sinem Kobal played a role between 2006-2008, also suggests the name Selen.

Paying attention to her diet during this period, the actress also does not leave her yoga on a daily basis.

Sinem Kobal, who started to prepare her body and mind for birth by walking and pilates, will soon start receiving trainings on motherhood and baby care from a nurse.

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