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3 July 2022 18:08


Would Pınar Deniz want to have a lawyer like ‘Ceylin’? Interesting response from the famous actress!..

The actress Pınar Deniz, who made a name for herself every Sunday evening with her performance in the most ambitious series of the new season, broadcast on Kanal D screens, appeared before the lens for the December – January issue of Elle Turkey Magazine.

The beautiful actress, who gave special poses for the magazine, started her career journey in 2014 with the TV series Sil Baştan, and in 2016 she made a splash with the character of “Star”, which she played in the TV series Vatanım Sensin.

Pınar Deniz works wonders with the character of “Lawyer Ceylin” in the TV series “Yargı”. Drawing an ambitious, ambitious, passionate yet emotional lawyer model in the series, the actress fascinates the audience, especially with her performance in emotional scenes.

In her interview with Elle Magazine, Pınar Deniz explained the reason why her character ‘Ceylin’ is so popular; “Ceylin doesn’t try to be nice, which makes her real. She sets her own limits. Her justice, her conscience, the more open she is in her work, the more closed she can be when she turns to her feelings. Her war with herself begins here anyway.”

Pınar Deniz, “If you had a case, would you entrust yourself to Ceylin?” to the question, “I would like to have Ceylin as my lawyer. I like to take risks and I could be impressed by her passion and turn my case over to her.”

The famous actress expressed her feelings about her profession with these words: “It is a tremendous feeling to be able to bring myself into the character and present it to people through art. I don’t know what I would do to be happier.”

The actress said that by feeding the explorer girl inside her, she keeps herself and her soul constantly ready for development.

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