Series News Would the Bahar series have been as popular if someone other than Demet Evgar had been in the lead role?

Would the Bahar series have been as popular if someone other than Demet Evgar had been in the lead role?


The success of the Bahar series, which is broadcast on Show TV on Tuesday evenings, impressed many viewers. Millions of people follow each new episode of the series with excitement.

Episodes pass, ratings continue to come in double digits. This shows that the audience’s interest in the story is alive.

Of course, it would not be wrong to say that everyone, including the actors and those working on the set, had an important share in this important success.

However, it should also be said that the reason why the project has reached such a strong point is the Demet Evgar factor.

The famous actress has a performance that proves that she is the most successful choice in portraying the character of Bahar.

Those who watched the Bahar series also have the idea that the project was so successful due to the Demet Evgar factor. You can also see many posts about this on social media.

In a special interview in Episode Magazine, Demet Evgar answered the question asked about this issue.

Evgar underlined that the most important issue in any relationship is the sense of trust. The actress underlined that if trust is shaken, it is very difficult to recover the relationship.

Demet Evgar also said the following regarding the evaluations that she portrayed the character of Bahar very well and that if it had been another actress, the character’s emotions might not have been conveyed to the audience so strongly:

“Thank you very much for your beautiful and encouraging words. Your observation is correct. My fellow actors, our scriptwriter, director, director of photography and producer, as well as the entire team, have thought about and worked on every detail, sometimes together and sometimes on our own, and we continue to work. Real life is our most important reference point. “We are all trying to keep our own perspective on the three-dimensional version of the series that lives with both its characters and its story.”