Artists News Wounded Love series has radically changed Pınar Deniz’s life!

Wounded Love series has radically changed Pınar Deniz’s life!


Famous actress Pınar Deniz attracts attention with her poses and explanation to BeStyle magazine. Pınar Deniz, who played with master names such as actress, Halit Ergenç, Bergüzar Korel and Onur Saylak, gained a very important experience. The actress also managed to achieve a big break in terms of her career.

In addition to Pınar Deniz, Miray Daner, Boran Kuzum, Genco Özak and Kubilay Aka were the prominent young actors in the series. These names accomplished important works in their next projects. For Pınar Deniz, Wounded Love series is the most meaningful and most special project of her life.

Pınar Deniz not only gained professional gains from the series, but also the mindset changed. For Wounded Love series, the turning point of the famous actor’s life, she said:

“I can say that ‘Wounded Love’ is my first job where my perception of acting is formed. Everyone on the set raised me, encouraged me to look for more, wonder more. For the second season, I love myself more, for example, since my perception of life has changed, I has been reflected and improved in my game. It is also very attractive to have an endless journey. I wonder how to play after 5 years. I hope I have changed a lot. ”