Series News Yalnız Kurt series presents puzzles to the audience, everyone goes crazy to solve it!

Yalnız Kurt series presents puzzles to the audience, everyone goes crazy to solve it!

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The third episode of the Yalnız Kurt series broadcast on ATV screens has passed. Hasan Denizyaran and Damla Colbay, the young stars of the series, where Cihan Ünal shows his quality with his magnificent voice and great acting performance, are also doing a very successful job.

The duo of Murat Han and Deniz Evin also adds depth to the story with the characters Doğan and Sefer they play… The Yalnız Kurt TV series, bearing the signature of Osman Sınav, draws attention with the messages it gives on political issues related to Turkey’s recent period.

The events described in the series are based on real life events, but the audience has question marks about how much of it is fiction and how much of it reflects reality. In the series, the third episode of which was published, the messages given in the series include how much damage the parallel state structure has done to a country and how valuable people spend it.

Assassinations, those who set out with a sense of service to the country and were killed by being called traitors, the great damage done by the parallel structure with foreign collaborators are the main subject of the series.

The Yalnız Kurt series, which tells how innocent and sinless people are easily spent in such an environment, actually sheds light on Turkey’s recent history.

Those who want to follow such a powerful story have to solve puzzles on the screen. The names given to some characters in the series have a real-life counterpart. At this point, the audience makes an effort both to capture the events and to find the names that correspond to this real life.

Some viewers are scanning the archives, some are trying to find similar events, while others are trying to find these details in the comments about the series on social media.

Osman Sınav’s words that the Lone Wolf emerged with a scenario study that lasted for 2 years also tells how meticulously a story was revealed. However, for the fans of the series, it becomes more difficult to find the real-life projections of the events described in each episode, and this issue emerges as an important problem for those who love the Yalnız Kurt series.