Series News There is good and bad news in the Kaderimin Oyunu series!

There is good and bad news in the Kaderimin Oyunu series!

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The eighth episode of the TV series Kaderimin Oyunu, which met with the audience on Star TV on Friday evenings, has passed. In the story of the series starring Akın Akınözü, Öykü Karayel and Sarp Apak, the dose of intrigue increased. This is actually a good sign. Because if the intrigue increases and the excitement rises in the story of the series, this situation is reflected in the ratings.

Fans of Kaderimin Oyunu are waiting for better ratings. However, when we look at the results of both the seventh and eighth sections, it shows that similar rates are obtained. With the 8th episode aired on Friday, February 11, the series, which was eighth in all people, finished the day fifth in the EU and seventh in ABC1.

These results can be described as good for Star TV. Because the channel’s viewing rates have dropped a lot this season, and Kaderimin Oyunu has become a production that has increased its viewing rates.

However, if the struggle of the series with the other 6 rivals is considered, it can be said that these ratings are average rates. The bad thing about the Kaderimin Oyunu is that the story of a very exciting period should attract more viewers, but it does not happen.

The reason for this is the great rivalry between 7 serials broadcast on the same day. In the environment of this strong competition, Kaderimin Oyunu series could not catch an opportunity to stand out. If the series does not lose its current viewers, there will be an expectation of better results in the coming weeks.

A loyal audience of Kaderimin Oyunu has formed and this should be considered as a very positive development. The 9th new episode of the series will be broadcast on Friday, February 18. It should be noted that a period of increasing intrigue has begun.