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24 May 2022 04:00


Yargı series can’t get enough of the award! The series was awarded in 7 categories!

The Yargı series, which has not been talked about since the day it was broadcast, has also become a favorite of award ceremonies. At the ceremonies organized by various institutions and organizations, where the series competed as a candidate, it draws even more attention by coming to the fore.

The Ay Yapım series, starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, is directed by Ali Bilgin and written by Sema Ergenekon. The series, which is the product of meticulous work, is a production that is also acclaimed for its law-themed genre.

The success of Sema Ergenekon, who spent two years in the courthouse corridors and courtrooms for the story of the series, and directed the series with legal advisors, is also appreciated. The last award ceremony attended by the series was the Summit Awards.

At the ceremony held during the week, the series Yargı was awarded in 7 categories. The Yargı series, which overwhelmingly beat its rivals, was awarded the Series of the Year, Best Actor of the Year, Best Actress of the Year, Best Director of the Year, Best Male Producer of the Year, Best Screenplay of the Year and Best Production Company of the Year.

The awards were announced to the followers by publishing photos from the award ceremony on the social media account of the series. Pınar Deniz was among the people who liked this post on the Yargı’s social media account. Yargıt, which will come to the screen with its 21st episode tonight, draws attention as the most remarkable production of the season, by collecting awards at the ceremonies it attends…

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