Series News Yasak Elma series made a big attack in the ratings!

Yasak Elma series made a big attack in the ratings!

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Yasak Elma series, which had a very successful first 4 seasons, owes this to the strong support of the audience if it can be on the screen in the fifth season.

Yasak Elma series started to return to its strong position on Monday evenings. After the character of Şahika left the series, the 114th episode of which was published, there was a decrease in interest. However, with the arrival of new story and new characters in the new season, the series entered the process of rise again.

The series, which started the fifth season with average ratings, finished the day first in the AB and ABC1 categories, which was a great success. The series, which took the first place by passing the Kalp Yarası, fell behind its rival in the all-person category and accepted the second place.

The story of Yasak Elma series, in which important names such as Eda Ece, Berk Oktay, Biran Damla Yılmaz, Şevval Sam, Murat Aygen took part in the cast, was warm to the audience, and this week’s ratings also made a hit. Yıldız’s learning of the forbidden love between Kumru and her husband Çağatay seems to be another reason for the rise in ratings.

With the various interventions made to the story of the series, we witnessed that it received very good ratings in the previous seasons. Yasak Elma started to approach the results of last season again.

It is also eagerly awaited how the new series Alparslan and Üç Kuruş will result in the series, which creates a habit for the audience.