Yasak Elma series made even Eda Ece say 'that beats all'!
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9 February 2023 16:28


Yasak Elma series made even Eda Ece say ‘that beats all’!

The popular TV series on Monday evenings, Yasak Elma, presents everything that makes people say, ‘This won’t happen!’ and presents it to the audience with an absurd story. There are so many twists and turns that no one can predict in the series that the audience is both surprised and watching Yasak Elma with laughter.

What the character of Yıldız, who is the most loved and now a phenomenon in the series, does, gets more surprising every time! Star, brought to life by Eda Ece, has once again made a huge turn for the audience in the 124th episode aired on Monday!

Kumru, who wanted a divorce after learning that Çağatay was cheating on her with Kumru, suddenly gave up! When Kumru came to the court as a witness, the events went to a completely different place.

Yıldız, seeing that Kumru was putting oil on her hands, gave up the divorce. However, after Çağatay’s reaction to standing side by side with Doğan, she found such a way that she stunned everyone!

Yıldız, who organized a wedding renewal ceremony unaware of Çağatay, almost suppressed her! Çağatay, who suddenly saw the guests at home in front of the tabloids, could not do anything but stand next to Yıldız, who came out with a wedding dress.

These are the moments when the audience says, “No more!” It was a scene. While watching the scene, Eda Ece added to her comments how absurd she found the event, just like those on the screen.

The actress, who both laughed at the situation and responded to the comments, also responded to a comment made by comedian-actress Yasemin Sakallıoğlu…

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