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23 May 2022 23:51


Yasak Elma series offered a popularity opportunity to young Sena Yıldız!

Fans of Yasak Elma series will be able to watch the name of Sena Yıldız in the story with the character of Gamze… The actress who joined the cast of the series also gained popularity.

Sena Yıldız, who we will watch as Gamze, the friend of Ekin character played by Ceyhun Mengiroğlu, faced one of the most important opportunities of her career…

Sena Yıldız, who was born in 1993 and attracted attention with her fit form, stepped into acting with her height of 164 cm and theater activities.

The actress, who stepped into the series with the character of Rüya, which she portrayed in the TV series Saklı, which was broadcast on Blu TV, joined the team of Yasak Elma series.

The scenes of Ekin character and Gamze from the later parts of the series will be broadcast frequently. Ekin is a prominent character and Gamze will be the one who influences her.

If Sena Yıldız shows herself with both Ceyhun Mengiroğlu’s partnership process and her acting performance, it will not take long for her to gain popularity.

Young Sena Yıldız, who has improved herself in acting by taking part in theater plays, draws attention by providing information about herself to her followers on social media via Instagram. The actress’ interest in sports and pilates is also reflected in her social media account.

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