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22 May 2022 19:12


Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu’s big change noticed with the series!

Famous actress Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu has an impressive career with her successful performances in different productions.

Last season, the actress, who played the character of Hazal Hatun in the TV series Kuruluş Osman, attracted a lot of attention, especially with the character of Nuran in the TV series O Hayat Benim. The actress, who gained weight for the character of Nuran and whose appearance changed a lot, made a great effort to get back to her old self after leaving the project in 2015.

After the characters of Fikriye in the series “Kalbimdeki Deniz”, Zümrüt in the TV series “Yüzleşme”, the actress, who is in the TV series named Kuruluş Osman and now Annemizi Saklarken, also draws attention with her image.

The actress, who played the character of Füsun in the project titled “Annemizi Saklarken,” which started on Star TV last week, attracted everyone’s attention as she was weakened and underwent some physical changes.

It should also be noted that the actress, who surprised her fans with her appearance, made a difference to the series with her abilities apart from her physical condition.

The story of the series, written by Sırma Yanık, is different and interesting. However, when the first episode ratings of the series were low, those who liked the story were very upset. There is a strong expectation that the ratings will increase in the upcoming episodes.

The famous actress also promotes the series with the shares she made on her Instagram account.

There is a great interest in the actress from her fans, and each of her posts receives thousands of likes.

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