Elkızı series is on the edge of the knife! Is it Elkızı's luck that Fox TV does not have a spare series?
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29 September 2022 07:30


Elkızı series is on the edge of the knife! Is it Elkızı’s luck that Fox TV does not have a spare series?

Fox TV’s series this season are making their finals one by one. With Elbet Bir Gün, who said goodbye to the last screens, the number of series that made the final reached five. Now all eyes are on Elkızı. It is said that the series, whose ratings are bad, may continue for a while because Fox TV does not have a spare.

The Elkızı series, starring Sevda Erginci and İsmail Ege Şaşmaz, is quite unsuccessful in the ratings. Unfortunately, the series, which competes with two strong opponents such as Gönül Dağı and Kardeşlerim on Saturday evenings, unfortunately does not have much luck.

Despite its dramatic story, the series, which could not increase its ratings, reached the eighth episode. It was noted that the ratings of the series, which were close to the average before, dropped in the last episode. It has been interpreted that the reason why Fox TV, which is known for giving a chance to the series with bad ratings until the sixth episode, still continues Elkızı, is that it does not have a spare series.

Fox TV’s interesting strategy had attracted everyone’s attention since the beginning of the season. The channel had signed with so many series at the beginning of the season that there was no day left to broadcast them all. Then he started to bring the series to the screen one by one.

The series came to the screen one after the other, but those with low ratings were given a chance for up to six episodes. When it came to the sixth episode, he made the final decision and instead brought the series with a spare on the screen. Like this, Fox TV has made the finals of five series so far.

With the end of the series “Elbet Bir Gün”, he started to bring the long-awaited Mahkum series to the screen. With the Mahkum, Fox TV also finished its stock. At least his stock of serials that have already started shooting and a few episodes have been shot.

Therefore, it seems unlikely that the channel will immediately take down Elkızı. This situation is interpreted as the chance of Elkızı. However, anything is possible at any time.

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