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Yılanların Öcü Series | Theme – Actors – Trailers – Episodes – Video

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Yılanların Öcü is a Turkish-made drama television series signed by Koliba Film, adapted from the novel of the same name by Fakir Baykurt, directed by Cemal Şan, and written by Makbule Kosif, Eda Tezcan, Esen Ali Bilen, Bekir Baran Sıtkı and Rana Mamatlıoğlu. .

Bringing together important names such as Cemal Toktaş, Hande Soral, Ahmet Varlı, Gözde Çığacı and Nail Kırmızıgül in the lead roles, Yılanların Öcü was a memorable production. The series, which managed to stay on the screen for 49 episodes, was appreciated as an impressive drama production.

Channel: Show TV
Producer: Koliba Film
Genre: Drama
Release Date: August 27, 2014 – December 2, 2015
Venue: Cappadocia/ Istanbul
Duration: 110 minutes
Music: Kalan Music- Hasan Saltık- Engin Arslan- Mayki / Murat Başaran- Onur Özçelik
Leading roles: Cemal Toktas, Hande Soral, Ahmet Varli, Gözde Çağacı, Nail Kırmızıgül.
Cast: Mehmet Atay, Gonca Yakut, Rüçhan Çalışkur, Şebnem Dilligil, Servet Pandur, Hande Kaptan, Nalan Organization, Süleyman Karaahmet, Burak Can, Sibel Şişman, Ceyda Ateş; Gözde Çağacı.


The social media accounts of the series were actively used at the time of its publication. Fragments, photos from the series and various information were shared from all accounts.

Official website:


Yılanların Öcü is one of the indisputable masterpieces of our literature, which has been filmed twice, has made a huge impact, and is heavily debated. The series, which was adapted to the screen and broadcast on Show TV years after the date of Fakir Baykurt’s writing, left his mark on the years 2014-2015 when it was broadcast. Baykurt’s immortal work, without any damage to the effect that the author wanted to leave, and based on the story of “Yılanların Öcü”; Although it was blended with a creative adaptation and add-ons and turned into an effective drama series ‘suitable for today’s conjuncture’, it was also subject to criticism that it was ‘turned into an ordinary mansion series’ in the period it was aired.


The stories told in ‘Yılanların Öcü’ are the stories of people living together with wealth and poverty in a region of Anatolia.

This story, which shuttles back and forth between the mansion of a wealthy landlord named Necip Bey, who is the owner of almost the entire village, town and therefore the villagers, and the village, After losing his father and mother after an accident, he had to take shelter with his sick brother Ömer and his only surviving relative, Kahya Hüsnü. It tells the love between the beautiful Fatma and Kara Bayram, the handsome and brave son of Irazca Kadın, one of the rare people who owns a small field in Karataş Village.

While Kara Bayram and Fatma only want to burn with the fire of love that envelops them, they will never be able to meet due to the ambitions, desires, interests and intrigues of other people living on the farm and in the village, and they will be scorched to ashes by the fire of their love.

What happens in this triangle of love, jealousy, passion and impossibility will affect the other heroes of the story intensely, and conflicts in all characters and plots will intensify.




Cemal Toktas (Kara Bayram)
Hande Soral (Fatma)
Korel Algerian (Kenan)
Rüçhan Caliskur (Iraz)
Nergis Çorakçı (Fidan Hanım)
Mehmet Atay (Hüsnü)
Ahmet Varli (Haceli)
Servet Pandur (Remziye)
Hande Captain (Şerife)
Mesut Ozkececi (Fikret)
Burak Can (Ömer)
Ayşecan Tatari (Gülmisal)
Ceyda Ates (Zahide)
Gozde Cigaci (Hatçe)


The shooting of Yılanların Öcü series was mainly done in Nevşehir’s Cappadocia district and Istanbul. The magical atmosphere of Cappadocia gave the audience a visual feast.


Arousing curiosity with its music as well as its story, the soundtrack of the series “Yılanların Öcü” was performed by Engin Arslan, Murat Başaran and Onur Özçelik, under the direction of Hasan Saltık from Kalan Music. The music of the series was also loved by the audience.

Yılanların Öcü Generic Music


The first trailer from Yılanların Öcü series was broadcast on Show TV and the social media accounts of the series in August 2014. The first images aroused curiosity in the audience.

First Introduction:

You can find all the published trailers of Yılanların Öcü on Show TV’s website section.

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Yılanların Öcü series met with the audience on Show TV on August 27, 2014. The series, which continued for two seasons, was among the favorite series in the first season, but remained unpretentious among its rivals in the second season, and made the final with its 49th episode broadcast on December 2, 2015.

You can watch all episodes of Yılanların Öcü series on Show TV’s website.

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Impressive clips from the scenes of Yılanların Öcü series were also published on YouTube in 2014-2015 when it was aired. You can find these video clips below:

The Favorite Song of Yılanların Öcü ‘Ahuzar’

Bu Dünya Bir Pencere Türküsü

Bu Tepe Pullu Tepe

Zahide İçin ‘Kız Senin’


The behind-the-scenes footage of the series, which was shot in the magical atmosphere of Cappadocia, was also occasionally broadcast on YouTube.

Final Episode Behind the Scenes

Behind the Set Photos


You can watch some of the impressive scenes from the Snakes’ Beast series below.

Haceli’s Halay Stage

The Scene That Drowns In Tears

Hatçe Learned the Truth

Haceli’s Scene That Makes the Audience Laugh

Kamuran Beaten Fatma!

Bayram Saves Fatma’s Life Once Again!