Yıldız's Lady Diana combination made Yasak Elma TT!
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8 February 2023 11:45


Yıldız’s Lady Diana combination made Yasak Elma TT!

The most intrigue-filled series of the screens, Yasak Elma, continues at full speed. The combination of Lady Diana, worn by the character of Yıldız played by Eda Ece, in the last episode of the series, which had a great rise in the ratings last week, carried the series to number one on the agenda on Twitter.

The Fox TV series Yasak Elma, which entered its fifth season with average ratings, but achieved great success with the rise it experienced last week, continues to be broadcast on Monday evenings. The 115th episode of the series aired last night. The new episode dethroned the ATV series Kalp Yarası as the second in all categories.

In the episode aired last night, the outfit worn by the character of Yıldız, played by Eda Ece, left its mark. Yildiz was wearing the exact same outfit Lady Diana wore, with a black off-the-shoulder dress and pearl necklace around her neck.

Of course, this detail did not go unnoticed by the audience. While the fans of the series shared photos by bringing Lady Diana and Yıldız side by side, they also expressed how much they liked Eda Ece in this state. Eda Ece’s outfit made Yasak Elma suddenly become a hot topic on Twitter.

The revelation that Çağatay, played by Murat Aygen, was cheating on his wife Yıldız, and Yıldız’s revenge was one of the most talked about topics in the series. It is a matter of curiosity whether Yasak Elma, which has experienced a rapid rise in the ratings and continues its success, will continue this success in the coming days.

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