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5 July 2022 19:01


You’ve never seen the famous actor İlker Kaleli like this! The actor enchanted his fans!..

The talented actor İlker Kaleli, who has made a name for himself with every project he takes part in, has not been on the screen for a long time. His fans missed the actor.

The audience first met İlker Kaleli in the TV series Son, in which he acted in 2012. The actor made his debut in the TV series Kayıp Şehir, where he played with Gökçe Bahadır. The last project of the actor, who made his biggest debut with the character of ‘Poyraz’ in the TV series Poyraz Karayel, did not last long.

İlker Kaleli, who did not appear on the screens after Öğretmen, who made the final in November last year, made a name for himself with the love he had with singer Sıla Gençoğlu in the summer.

It turned out that while İlker Kaleli was away from the screens, he supported his musician lover Sıla in her music studies. Sıla Gençoğlu sang the song ‘Rüyanda Görsen İnanma’ from Duman’s album ‘Seni Kendime Sakladım’ released in 2005 with her own interpretation.

Ilker Kaleli, who is interested in music as well as acting, made the arrangement of Sıla’s new song. The famous actor also played the acoustic and electric guitars of the song.

The famous pop singer published the photos taken in the studio works of the song with the love of the actor on her Instagram account. Sıla Gençoğlu thanked her lover with the following words in her sharing;

“My deepest thanks to you, my darling. This dream we had together was not a dream that could be forgotten when we woke up any morning. I am happy to have shared our memory. You have a lot more work than me in this song. May the wonders you create be always inspired. In our opinion, the interpretation of the dream is with a lot of belief…”

In the shares, the gaze of the two on each other did not go unnoticed; Many comments were made on Sıla’s post by the couple’s fans, such as “Let the fire of love not go out”, “It looks like a miracle”, “Mashallah you are very beautiful”, “Be always happy”, “May your love always be”.

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