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5 July 2022 16:45


Final announcement for the new series from Fox TV!

An announcement was made on the Fox TV screen, which upset the fans of the TV series Misafir, which was broadcast on Thursday evenings.

However, Fox TV did not make any statement about the series. The final statement in the fifth episode trailer published by the channel was enough to explain everything.

Misafir, in which Hazal Kaya returned to the sets after a long break, will unfortunately make the final. Fox TV’s announcement that the series will end with the fifth episode to be broadcast on Thursday, December 9, increased the sadness of the audience.

It has been officially stated that the Misafir series will now end. Fox TV made the final decisions in a row this season, making the fans very upset. Uzak Şehrin Masalı, Son Yaz and Yalancılar ve Mumları series had made their finals before. Next is the Misafir series. Then of Elbet Bir Gün will bid farewell to the audience.

Here is the trailer for the 5th and final episode of the Misafir series:

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