Artists News Yurdaer Okur and Erdal Beşikçioğlu will perform an acting recital in ATV’s Hakim series!

Yurdaer Okur and Erdal Beşikçioğlu will perform an acting recital in ATV’s Hakim series!


We observe that the excitement of the audience increases as the trailers of the Hakim (meaning: Judge) series, which will soon meet with the audience, are broadcast on ATV. There is a very large audience waiting for the Hakim series in the social media environment. There are two strong actors behind this audience’s curiosity about so many TV series.

We are talking about Erdal Beşikçioğlu and Yurdaer Okur. This duo, who adds soul to every character they take part in, will also perform an acting recital in the Hakim series on the ATV screen. It is enough to watch the last trailer of the series to understand this.

We are talking about two fathers who would do anything for their son. One of them is a judge who has worked for years to ensure justice. The character of Ömer Arif Derman, played by Erdal Beşikçioğlu, will be torn between his son and his conscience.

Ömer Arif, who is an idealist, intelligent and good-hearted person, has always been a person who observes justice. Ömer Arif, who devoted himself to his son after losing his wife, will experience a new and shocking test in his life with his son Ozan’s accident.

Erdal Beşikçioğlu is coming to enchant everyone in the cast of the Hakim series. Likewise, Yurdaer Okur will give life to the character of Azem Demirkıran and will surprise his fans with his changing image.

The famous actor has a mastery that adds strength to every project he takes part in and conveys the feelings of the character to the audience.

The son of an Albanian family, Azem is someone who learns about life on the streets. Azem, who has a sense of justice for himself, is someone who can do anything when his eyes turn. The great value that Azem places on both his son and daughter will cause his life to be turned upside down after the big drama he will experience.

Azem and Ömer Arif’s characters will impress the audience as two fathers face each other in the Hakim series.

It is not known when the Hakim series will air, but it is expected to start very soon.