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16 August 2022 19:53


Zehra Yılmaz, whom we watched in Kalp Yarası and Kuruluş Osman, has been making the same series decision for 6 years!

Zehra Yılmaz has been drawing attention with her successful performances in different TV series recently. The actress, who came to the fore with the character of Rana in the Bodrum Masalı series in 2016, then appeared in the Kara Yazı series.

Both Bodrum Masalı and Kara Yazı series were broadcast on Kanal D. The actress, who made a successful presentation on the ATV screen with the series Cennet’in Gözyaşları (Cennet’s Tears) in the 2017-2018 season, was also remembered with the character of Melisa.

Since 2017, the actress’s series preferences have had an ATV effect. After the Cennet’in Gözyaşları project, I watched the actress as Tuğçe in the TV series Kimse Bilmez (Nobody Knows).

Zehra Yılmaz, who later portrayed the character of Çağla in the TV series Gençliğim Eyvah, gave a very good performance as Betül in the TV series Kalp Yarası (Heart Wound).

You will watch Zehra Yılmaz, who is also on ATV with the character of Selvi Hatun in the Kuruluş Osman (Establishment Osman) series, and in the summer months, in the Gül Masalı (Rose Tale) series.

The young actress will play the character of Ece Kardaş in ATV’s drama production for the summer season, Gül Masalı. Zehra Yılmaz has been in ATV series one after the other for 6 years.

The actress said, “ATV is like my second home now. I love it too, I’m very happy to be under this roof. I am very happy, very excited,” she said.

The character of Ece will draw attention with the role of Toprak’s lover in Italy, played by Erdem Kaynarca in the story.

Ece, who did not come with Toprak while returning to Isparta from Italy, will realize her mistake years later. Ece’s arrival in Isparta and her rivalry with Gonca, played by Gülper Özdemir, will drag the series.

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