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12 August 2022 11:48


El Turco Can Yaman is finally in Turkey for the Disney Plus series!

Continuing his career in Italy for more than a year, Can Yaman’s new project will be for Disney Plus.

Can Yaman, who will shoot a TV series in Turkey for the first time in a long time, has finally returned to his hometown.

Can Yaman was expected to come to Turkey for a while for the El Turco series, which will be shot by Ay Yapım for Disney Plus, which will say hello to the Turkish audience on June 14. After completing his projects in Italy, Can Yaman finally returned to Turkey.

As soon as Can Yaman arrived in Turkey, he immediately shared a photo. The photo with a view of the Bosphorus also made Can Yaman’s Turkish fans very happy.

Can Yaman, who played a role in the last Bay Yanlış (Mr.Wrong) series in Turkey, decided to continue his career in Italy after the unsuccessful offers of this series and settled in this country.

In the meantime, preparations for El Turco, the new series that Can Yaman will shoot in Turkey after a long hiatus, continue at full speed. It is said that Hande Erçel will accompany Can Yaman in the series, but there is still no official statement. According to the allegations, there is another female lead in the series. The name of this actress, who is stated to be internationally famous, has not yet been announced.

Can Yaman, the project in which a half-fiction, half-truth story is told, will portray the Ottoman raider “El Turco”.  The El Turco series, directed by Uluç Bayraktar, who has directed successful TV series such as Ezel, Babil and Karadayı, will take place during the Ottoman siege of Vienna.

The series will be adapted from the novel El Turco by historian and writer Orhan Yeniaras. The book tells the unknowns of the Siege of Vienna, which took place during the reign of Mehmed IV of the Ottoman Empire.

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