The sudden decision to leave Masumlar Apartmanı was very useful for the screenwriters!
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25 March 2023 01:09


The sudden decision to leave Masumlar Apartmanı was very useful for the screenwriters!

The decision that surprised everyone in the first season of Masumlar Apartmanı series came from Farah Zeynep Abdullah… The sudden departure of the actress who plays the character of İnci and the death of the character in the season finale shook everyone deeply.

This big decision that came after Farah Zeynep Abdullah’s discomfort from playing in scenes with high psychological intensity started a big change in the series.

In fact, after this separation, the screenwriters had a big trump card. An opportunity arose to bring the series into an even more psychological environment and to make the drama reflect even more strongly.

This drama can bring a strong story depth that can be spread throughout the second season through the character of Han, who lost his wife. The screenwriters used this opportunity well.

Both the high psychological tests of the character of Han will attract the attention of the audience and it will make it easier for the character of Rüya, played by Melisa Şenolsun, to settle in the center of the story.

Maybe the character of İnci will be forgotten over time, but the emotional and psychological effects of the character’s sudden death will be an important factor in the course of the story throughout the season.

The situation of the character of Han, who is receiving psychological treatment, will affect the whole family, and Safiye and Gülben will also put some tests in front of their characters.

This situation, which can make Safiye more open to the outside, will cause the character of Han to become introverted.

What Han will experience will affect the life of the whole family. The new decisions and steps to be taken by Safiye and Gülben, who cannot cope with the problems at home, will also be talked about a lot in the second season of the series.

As a result, Farah Zeynep Abdullah’s desire to leave the story actually gave the screenwriters a very good trump card. If they use this situation well, the series continues on its way with very good ratings on Tuesday evenings.

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