Series News There will be surprises at the farewell of the Son Yaz series, which was decided to be final!

There will be surprises at the farewell of the Son Yaz series, which was decided to be final!

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The Son Yaz series, which is meeting with the audience on Fox TV screens, unfortunately did not start the second season well. The production, which received good ratings in the first season, started the season with a new story and new characters. However, the low ratings and the lack of hope for an increase led to the final decision for Son Yaz.

Son Yaz series fans want the story to continue on another channel or digital platform. That’s why there are social media campaigns. However, at this stage, there is no serious detail except for the information that there will be a final after 2 episodes of Fox TV.

It is understood that the final episode of the series, starring Ali Atay, Alperen Duymaz, Hafsanur Sancaktutan and Birce Akalay, came with big surprises.

The images reflected in the 25th episode trailer of the series give messages about what kind of finale is coming. “May God forgive me for what I did,” says Selim Kara, a former public prosecutor. Only in the final will we be able to clearly understand what Selim will do, who is expected to take revenge after the murder of his wife Canan.

It is expected that love will start again between Yağmur and Akgün in the finale of the Son Yaz series, whose 25th new episode will be broadcast on Saturday, October 5th. Akgün, who can’t even stand the thought of Yağmur being with someone new, will take the first step.

Son Yaz, who will bid farewell with two important surprises from Akgün and Selim, will surprise the audience in the last two episodes with reverse corner scenes.

The strong performances of the actors in the last two episodes, where the character of Yağmur will also stand out, will also impress the audience.

Here is the second trailer from the 25th episode of the Son Yaz series: