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6 July 2022 09:45


There was a great misfortune before the Sana Söz series started on Star TV!

On Friday evenings, you will now find Star TV’s detective series called Sana Söz on the screen. With Aziz starting in the first week of November, the Friday competition will be very tough.

Star TV also participates in the rating competition this week with the TV series Sana Söz, on Friday evenings, when the TV series Aşk Mantık İntikam, Kırmızı Oda, Arka Sokaklar and Kıbrıs Zafere Doğru are broadcast.

Serkan Altunorak gives life to one of the leading roles in the series. The actor will appear before the audience as a lawyer with the character of Erdem. The actor, whom we will watch as Erdem, the husband of Elif character played by Nehir Erdoğan, had a great misfortune during the shooting of the series.

It was a great misfortune that happened before the first episode of the Sana Söz series, which Star TV was eagerly waiting to meet with the audience.

The announcement made by the production company greatly upset the fans of the actor. The following statement was made by the production company: “We regret to learn that our beloved actor Serkan Altunorak has COVID. We send him our best wishes.”

It is also among the information that there is no problem in the series team. Altunorak will be able to return to work on the set after the quarantine process. This situation, which happened before the first episode of Sana Söz, was a great misfortune.

Let’s get to know the character of Erdem: He is Elif’s husband, Duru and Umut’s father… Erdem, who has been a lawyer for years, was overshadowed by Elif and could not find a chance to come to the fore professionally. The case that he takes by standing in front of Elif becomes the turning point in Erdem’s life. Erdem, who is met with power and ambition with the case, gets a little closer to losing his family with every wrong decision he takes.

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