Series News How did Annemizi Saklarken debut in the ratings?

How did Annemizi Saklarken debut in the ratings?

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The first episode of the Star TV series, Annemizi Saklarken, was broadcast on Wednesday, December 8th. The rating results of the first episode of the series, in which Hande Doğandemir and Kutsi took the lead roles, were very curious. Those results are out.

Among the TV series broadcast by Star TV this season, Annemizi Saklarken is one of the most prominent productions with its story. However, the rating debut of the series did not meet expectations. We can say that there was a big shock with the low rates.

The project Annemizi Saklarken was not among the top 10 programs in any category, with ratings far below the average. This was recorded as one of the bad beginnings on the Star TV screen.

Last week, Kaderimin Oyunu series was broadcast with its first episode and it had a good start by getting close to the average rates.

However, this did not happen in the TV series Annemizi Saklarken. The series, which was able to take the 14th place in all individuals and ABC1 groups, finished the day in the 12th place in the EU. Although there is an opportunity for Star TV production to rise in the face of the two best-rated TV series, Kuruluş Osman and Sadakatsiz, it seems difficult to exceed the average rates.

It is expected that later episodes of the series will bring better results. The story of the series, the second part of which will be published on Wednesday, December 15th, will continue more harshly. You can get this impression from the trailer.