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3 July 2022 13:20


Great act of kindness from İman Elbani, who participated in Aziz series!

Murat Yıldırım’s wife, İman Elbani, became the guest star of Aziz, the new series of Show TV. The Moroccan beauty will appear in the story of the Aziz series with the Egyptian Princess Fevziye character for 2 episodes.

Iman Elbani, who is happily married to Murat Yıldırım, also attracts great attention with her beauty… It was revealed that Iman Elbani, who will give an important test in acting, has turned this role into an act of kindness.

Iman Elbani, who accepted to take part in the series for the benefit of orphans, will donate the proceeds to the orphans.

Iman Elbani, who was appreciated once again with this act, also drew attention as he appeared in a TV series for the first time in Turkey for this purpose.

İman Elbani, with the fee to be given by O3 Media she also entered the hearts by helping them.

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