4 of the 5 actors who left the Baba series immediately found a new role!
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7 October 2022 10:01


4 of the 5 actors who left the Baba series immediately found a new role!

The developments about the series Baba (Father), which will make the season finale on Tuesday, May 31, with its 15th episode, are coming together. 5 actors left the cast of the series in which Haluk Bilginer and Tolga Sarıtaş took the lead roles.

The first season of the TV series Baba, written by Gökhan Horzum and Ekin Atalar and directed by Çağrı Bayrak, did not go as expected. Even if the series was successful, the desired ratings could not be achieved. However, in the second season, a new era will begin with a very different storyline and brand new players.

The departure of five actors from the cast of the series one after another in the last few weeks also surprised everyone. A brand new cast will be waiting for the audience in the second season. So who said goodbye to the Baba series?

The master actor Macit Koper, who took part in the series with the character of Ferit, became one of the names who said goodbye to the story. Right after the actor left this series, he joined the cast of the series Hakim (Judge), which was broadcast on ATV, and started to appear on the screen with a very different character.

One of those who left the series was Beril Pozam. It was not difficult for Beril Pozam to find a new project… The actress joined the cast of the new film project called Aaahh Belinda. The movie starring Neslihan Atagül and Serkan Çayoğlu is being prepared for Netflix and has already become a subject of great curiosity. Aaahh Belinda is one of the important works of Turkish cinema and will be reinterpreted with this project.

Oktay Çubuk was also one of the names who said goodbye to the Baba series. The young actor, who plays the character of Kadircan in the story, immediately found a new TV series for himself.

Oktay Çubuk will also appear in the serial version of the famous Turkish movie called Ah Nerede. Oktay Çubuk, who shared the lead role with Nil Keser, took a very important step in his career by finding a TV series in which he will take the leading role this time after the series Baba.

With the season finale that will be experienced in the 15th episode of the Baba series, it has been revealed that two more actors will not be in the story in the next season.

One of these names was Zeynep Tuğçe Bayat, who attracted attention with the character of Şahika.

The last news of separation in the series came from Özge Özacar… Özacar, one of the prominent names of the last period, took place with the character of Cansu in the series Baba.

The young actress also left the series, but she immediately managed to find a new project for herself. Özge Özacar is also in the movie Bursa Bülbülü, which Ata Demirer is shooting for Disney Plus.

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