Series News A brother is coming to the Kalp Yarası series, which makes the finale by burning hearts!

A brother is coming to the Kalp Yarası series, which makes the finale by burning hearts!


The Kalp Yarası (meaning: Heart Wound) series, which was broadcast on the ATV screen, started last summer and came to the screen for the last time on Monday, February 21, with its 32nd episode. It has been 3 weeks since the end of the series, but the hearts of the fans still have not cooled down. The project, which was shot in Antakya, has a very good story, as well as the strong harmony of the lead couple.

Gökhan Alkan and Yağmur Tanrısevsin duo became the drivers of the project. The project, which could continue until the 32nd episode with their energy and the efforts of the team, had to make a final because the ratings dropped. Although the fans on social media made a lot of effort to avoid the final, all these efforts were in vain. The social media power of the series was much better than its ratings.

After the Kalp Yarası series prepared by  Süreç Film, work for new projects accelerated. The Kalp Yarası series may be over, but intensive work is being done for sister projects. The first information has emerged from the new series of Süreç Film, which continues to work on summer projects.

Yıldız Hülya Bilban, who has been on the sets since 2003, started to take part in the projects with the directorship of İki Aile series in 2008. Hülya Bilban, who directed the projects named Hayat Devam Ediyor, O Hayat Benim, Kehribar, Yıldızlar Şahidim, had a successful business as the director of the latest Kalp Yarası series.

Preliminary preparations have started for the new “Süreç Film” series, which will also be directed by Hülya Bilban. While the details of the new series are being wondered, it is noteworthy that the project is still a drama production.