A good and bad news in the Mr.Wrong series!
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30 September 2022 10:30


A good and bad news in the Mr.Wrong series!

The series of Mr.Wrong, where Fox TV meets Can Yaman and Özge Gürel, continues to achieve great interaction on social media. However, the ratings of the series remained below expectations. Still, Mr.Wrong is positioned as a successful production as a romantic comedy where viewers can face the screen for the summer screen…

There is a good and a bad development about the series… The bad development will make the audience waiting for the 6th episode of the series on Friday, July 31st. Because, on July 31, the first day of Eid al-Adha, Mr.Wrong series will not be broadcast. The trailer of the 6th episode of the series was shared.

As stated in the trailer, the 6th new episode of Mr.Wrong series will meet with the audience on Friday, August 7 with a delay of 1 week. Let us remind you that the images from the old episodes of the Mr.Wrong series will be broadcast on Friday, July 31 at 20.00. You can find the 6th episode trailer below. There was also a nice improvement in the series.

An important agreement was made for the overseas sales of the series, which was produced by Gold Film, starring Can Yaman, Özge Gürel, Fatma Toptaş, Cemre Gümeli, Gürgen Öz and Serkay Tütüncü.

It signed an agreement with Global Agency for overseas sales of Mr.Wrong series written by Aslı Zengin and Banu Zengin. The series will be sold abroad under the name of “Mr.Wrong”.

Bringing together Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir, Early Bird continues to sell abroad under the name of Daydreamer by the same company.

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